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The annual suspense film "Mystery Network" with moldy tomato freshness & # 39; 93% and score & # 39; Douban of & # 39; 8.5 was scheduled for domestic release & # 39; December 14.from

The film tells the story of the father who found the truth by spreading social software of his daughter after the disappearance of & # 39; his daughter. And this process, the entire process is shown by & # 39; computer desktop, by subverting & # 39; fully experience the traditional view of the viewer.

Today, the film came out special production, and explained that the new form of & # 39; "desktop movie" is not easy to do. It is reported that the film was aimed at 13 days, but it was necessary to fill more than two years. Usually, most movies use up to 3 or 4 layers at the last stage. To maximize suspense and details, "Mystery Network" has over 30 layer in the picture. The famous American Rolling Stone magazine also commented that the film is "technical miracle".

The "movie desktop" in the case of film, the director has automated sample & # 39; 100 minutes

In the video call, SMS, search engine, windows and other major social platforms, the case has also been ups and downs. The main indications identified in the second & # 39; advance will be converted into b & # 39; new evidence. After the release in North America & # 39; America, the idea of ​​& # 39; 'Solution & # 39; & # 39 b cases, one single desktop "surprised to all viewers. The immersion & # 39; "which was in the" been excavated from the new form of & # 39; Table film.

To free up a large amount of & # 39; material, the director Anish took loans from the system & # 39; "Prototype" of & # 39; Google before filming, self-timer and self-cutting, and also appeared in "father", "daughter", "brother" and other films. All major players completed temporary version & # 39; no more than 100 minutes. It is equivalent to making the film in advance, which brings great convenience for shooting and editing real & # 39; after.

Each message is in foreshadowing. The mouse cursor will "act".

In addition to the narrative language of the new film, "Web Mystery" has been detonate in & # 39; foreign countries, and has become another important reason for suspensive best film of the year, which is detailed settings seams. Many critics lamentaw foreign films that "everything that appears on the desktop is actually useful". In the film, the picture layer in one layer reached 30. An open website, the information & # 39; news that appears, you & # 39; found in the following episodes.

Moreover, not only the performance of the players, but also any movement on the screen is the expression of the emotions of the character. The movement of the mouse in & # 39; helping to slow down, or hesitate for a second before clicking the button, all in the design director. While dealing with the explosive amount of & # 39; information, the director believed that "the editing efficiency seems to go back to the film era", but the reputation of the already published, "Network Mystery "b won & # 39; the resonance successful people in the Internet era.

The film "Mystery Network" is directed by Anish Chaganti, starring John Zhao, Deborah Mitchell Mesin and La, and will be on the domestic court in the 14 & # 39; December.

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