Monday , November 29 2021

Director "Sea King" Wen Ziren: I want to make orrurka version & # 39; "Batman" movie. I think it will be cool – Movie – cnBeta.COM


"Sea King" will be released this month globally. Director Ziren Wen said while promoting the film that he hopes to soar awful version of & # 39; "Batman." Wen film directed Ziren of & # 39; horror as "The Chainsaw" and "The Soul" and both received good reviews. "Neptune" is his first attempt & # 39; superhero movie, which was received by many viewers after it was spotted in & # 39; some areas. Praise.


In promoting & # 39; "Sea King", Wen said to the reporter of Ziren & # 39; HeroicHollywood: "In the past, was interested in directing Batman like many people, but I'm more interested in the version of & # 39; horror & # 39; Batman. It is an illusion in my heart, but I can not ngħinha. Really we do Batman totally horrible. I think it will be cool. "

Most of the Batman series have elements of & # 39; horror, and of Batman & # 39; Tim Burton has an obvious Gothic style. The Batman: The Shadow of-the Shadows also has some fragments & # 39; & # 39 films; horror. Batman was never really integrated in an element & # 39; horror.


In an interview with Comicbook, Ziren Wen said, "Haiwang" will have its own brand, but at the same time faithful to the foundation & # 39; "Justice League" floated by Zack Snyder.

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