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According to the report "Hollywood Reporter", Marvel confirmed officially sequel filming, ie "Dr. Single 2", is still the leading role of & # 39; "Volume blessings", and also includes Wang girlfriend and partner.

The film has directed and written by former director Scott Derrickson ( "Exorcist", "Sinister"), and the script is created in 2019. It is planned to film in spring 2020 and officially released in & # 39; May 2021.


Master Gu Yi confirmed that will continue to help Dr. Singer in the aftermath, the integration of the guest, the spirit and the universe "Focus 4"

Although it is not clear who is the villain, but the indications of exposure social network director, should be a "nightmare". In addition, it will feature the everlasting & # 39; one of the five major gods & # 39; Marvel.


Dr. Singularity travel through & # 39; & # 39 different dimensions; the universe


Content of the concept of & # 39; poster sequel to "Single Dr."

The director has published a poster of the sequel of the sequel "Single Dr.", from the original manga, "Dr. Singularity" is a sweat to God, and the article says: '' I do not want it, the achievement is what I want. .. ".


Helping to restore Peter Parker & # 39; obtains Faith in Gods High & # 39; Marvel "OAA" and "Spiderman" Comics

The phrase "Not my will, but nagħmilkom" quoted as director Christian came from the original text of the Bible. Jesus prayed to the Lord, the full text is "Father! If you want, will run dry this cup," Father, if you are willing, remove this cup me: nevertheless not my will, but thine your, done "."


Life Court, OAA (the ruler of Tenjin group and the highest name Marvel), death, eternity, swallow & # 39 ;, annihilating

This biblical text is from Luke 22:42. The last two sections also include "Angel seen from the sky, and increase its power." "Jesus is extremely hurt, prayer is more earnest, and sweat is so great. The blood comes & # 39; on the ground." F & # 39; this time, during the Feast of -Festa of Passover, Satan entered the heart & # 39; Judah, but Jesus did not jindemx. Jesus fully complied with the plan & # 39; Father of faith for humanity, the cost of paying for our sins was crucified. So, as we grow in life in Christ.


Infinite, court life, eternal

In "Re-Link 3", "Dr. Single" symbolizes this meaning. It's not just obey the arrangement & # 39; "destiny", but also gives the gem time to tyrant to replace the "Iron Man", perhaps the symbol & # 39; "Iron Man" is "the Lord". However, Dr. "Singularity" has already seen the gods & # 39; marvel at the Multiverse Marvelous, especially those trajectories facing the tyranny. Perhaps the purpose of returning to the highest god "OAA" is the discussion of & # 39; "Doctor Single 2". Theme.


The court life m & # 39; has a body, but it seems in & # 39; this image, you & # 39; existed at the same time and the only existence of the entire multiverse

In the original comics, Dr. Singular met & # 39; & # 39 repeatedly; Marvels, like fighting for eternity, oath for life, and a large number of & # 39; gods. The court is the only living god in the multiverse that can & # 39; at the same time there after OAA.Hija m & # 39; has no sense of & # 39; autonomy and only serves OAA. Although rarely lost, was defeated for example, was overwhelmed by the heart of the universe. Overtaking is overwhelmed.


Two of lost lives courts, the tyrants won the "center of the universe", Iron Man and observers had lost the trascendenza

"Dr. Single" Strange was originally materialistic doctor. After the blessing blessing, he accepted the Old Master (former husband) and became Grand Master Marvel. his abusive capacity, had access to the multiverse, and had many gods. This includes the unique existence of court life "multi-universe". "Strange originally did not believe it. The director quoted the Bible and Dr. singular praying to God, and suggest that the multiverse is a & # 39; great danger and that multiversi gods can come on stage .


Eternal, court life, infinite vision, tyrannical confrontation middleman, middleman is the balance & # 39; two universes, the power & # 39; any multiverse

Dr. Singular met & # 39; to & # 39; these gods and basically only appeared in the classic comics. Every time you looked, it was a great event and cosmic catastrophe. But besides the battle, Dr. Singer also cooperated with & # 39; these gods to combat Villani and then to & # 39; these gods. Discuss the cosmic events together to determine the solution.


Yin Yingxia, Dr. Singular Life Becoming Court

Although the fourth & # 39; film stage & # 39; Marvel was completed only by "Spider-Man 2", other films such as eġenerika eternal film "Family Everlasting" and "Galaxy Guard 3" (code named "Hot Christmas") have not been officially set, will affect the entire film & # 39, marvel, especially the "Rekunifikazzjoni 4" involving Iron Man, the ants and people over time and space to turn.


Dr. Singular Wars, one of the five gods & # 39; Marvel, "Eternal"

The "Home" of & # 39; "Far From Home" in the subtitle "Spiderman 2" implies the meaning dimension beyond Earth in the multiverse (Kevin Fitch previously confirmed that Home has multiple meanings, including not only the Earth dimension), so "Dr. Single 2" is not surprising that multi-cosm was involved in previous work is not surprising, and Dom is the big villain of the dark dimension.

"Dr. Single" divide the multiverse, including quantum space in "The Ant 2"


Dr. Singularity confront life court

The director cited a large number of & # 39; graphic works on the strength of & # 39; perception & # 39; Dr. Strange in Instgram, corresponding to the various dimensions of & # 39; the universe, the scenes of "Eternal" experienced by the comic "Dr. Single". Shocked.


The director explains the power of perception, and six clearing to reach the truth & # 39; universe, corresponding to the perceived power of the Dr.

Dr. Singularity crosses the multiverse and see one of the five major gods & # 39; Marvel, "Eternal"

Moreover, the director also explained the meaning of the term for the great god & # 39; universe, ie, all the time is "now", the doctors singularity has seen the past and the future, as if "Reunion 3" Too many scenes.


The explanation director of the time, "time" m & # 39; has no past, the future, everything is "now"


The solution & # 39; resolution photo of the director 'narrow road is the road & # 39; out ", and the corresponding single doctor in comics abandoned himself to see" eternal "


The book "The Door of Perception" read by Stan Lee in the film "Dr. Singular" corresponds to the singularity of & # 39; Dr.

As as Dr. Strange broke the disappearance, perhaps his soul was considered the "Goddess of Death", one of the five gods & # 39; marvel. As in the comics, is the "world of bones" but the gods election. Become a maga really supreme.


Dr. "Single" "Death" comic

Moreover, the director also quote a multitude of & # 39; & # 39 comic; "Nightmare" comic "Single Dr." For imagination, the "nightmare" invade the dream of space biological material.


The description of the nightmare in the comic & # 39; Dr. Strange, where the brightness will increase the brightness, thus more b & # 39; her health from the darkness.


The director slid his favorite movie of "dreamland"

"Dr. Single 2" is the same as "Spider-Man 2" and "Guard Galaxy 3" behind schedule & # 39; term "Re-Link 4", which will be joined Modus.


Animation classic "Spider-Man", Spider-Man and Dommam "speak conditions"


One of the five gods & # 39; Marvel, "annihilation"

However, in light of the official completion & # 39; acquisition of Marvel X-Men Four-rights Magic to the next year, Marvel can & # 39; joins & # 39; & # 39 multitude; Shenming characters. Like Dommam, "annihilation" of & # 39; one of the five major gods & # 39; Marvel also likes to manipulate others to destroy the universe for themselves.


Marvel Multi deity


Adam Warlock

In addition, Dr. "Singularity" will not be without a partner. In the entire multiverse, the "Adam Warlock" is the most special. It can & # 39; divides the universe and the universe to protect the balance of the entire Marvel, and will be in & # 39; marvel. Fourth & # 39; stage of the film "Galaxy Guard 3" officially revealed, these two God's role partners are suitable, especially also in touch with Dr. Single & # 39; multi-cosmic gods, moreover, the evil warlock Adam & # 39; s surface even threatened Adam Many gods and fighting power of court life.


The comic "Dr. Single", the singular doctors can keep themselves on all kinds & # 39; temptation, choice itself becomes goodwill


Fourth & # 39; & # 39 stage; Marvel also includes "New Star", the film "Eternal Family", the "Black Panther 2", "The Avengers 5", "Black Widow", and "Eagle Eye" planned. "The film.

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