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Fujiwara also made a new film to play a serial killer The Japanese suspensive logic is replaced by & # 39; strictest continuously | Fujiwara Ryuo |


Fujiwara Ryu also has a new series of & # 39; & # 39 killers in, serial. The Japanese suspensive logic is replaced by & # 39; strictest.


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12 & # 39; December 2018 16:36 Source: International Online

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In the year 2019, the masterpiece & # 39; suspended "Confessions after 22 years" announced that the order was made in major theaters & # 39; land mainland on January 11. The film won the championship of the box in & # 39; Japan for three consecutive weeks, direct Yu, Fujiwara Ryu, and starring Hideaki Ito. After the "Invisible Guest", you will see a head & # 39; other & # 39 with great suspended; domestic audiences. Many lovers of film & # 39; suspense and Japanese film lovers are looking forward to the poster of the final film in the 12 & # 39; December. At the same time preview, the audience was exposed to surprise & # 39; 22 years without success.

The top ten at the box offices in Japan, Fujiwara also talk about memories & # 39; murder.

"Conference after 22 years" during the release of Japan, with the reversal of the plot, dramatic tension outstanding, reasoning wonderful and very realistic themes, won the double cropping of word of mouth and box , not only with 2,41 billion yen the total box office made the top ten in Japan ticket office in 2017, and a major player Fujiwara also won best actor nomination for -Akkademja of Japan Film relying on fascinating performances. The Japanese singer acting Fujiwara also won many fans in China through & # 39; classics like Death Note, Great Escape, and Rogue Sword Heart. The movie "The Serial Killer" is published in the movie. The killing of & # 39; memories and challenging line of the bottom of society is staggering but suspicion.

The film was produced by Japan Broadcasting TV Co., Ltd., and starring Ryuji Ito Hideaki Fujiwara, and Fan Xia, Nomura Zhou Ping, Xing Shiqiao Nai, and Long Xingliang seen. It is claimed that in 1995, it was stigmas in the series f & # 39; Tokyo, five people were killed, the assassin disappeared without a trace, and the case became unsolved case. In 2017, just before the case was valid, a man named & # 39; Zeng GENQ Yaren (Fuji Fujio) published a copy of & # 39; "I am a killer", and said it was a series 22 years ago. The assassin of the event & # 39; rieddotta murder and the police because they did not lack. Shifting to obstruct all Japanese society, and the police were helpless before the custody of the families of the victims. As the criminal police who investigated the case in the past, Mu Cunhang (Ito Hideaki) never renounced the pursuit of the real killer for many years. He is suspicious of the words & # 39; Zeng GENQ, and will be launched fierce game of cat and mouse between the two.

Suspension in 2019, the Japanese suspensive logic is replaced by & # 39; strictest

Suspense is a type of Japanese creators are very good at, and Japanese suspense & # 39; & # 39 can often; attract viewers through & # 39; & # 39 process; reasoning logically intensive. The confession & # 39; "22 years after" inherits the characteristics of the Japanese suspense, showing the advantages of & # 39; mind to capture the strict logic. Any reversal is amazing, and setting realistic Irons makes more nervous after thinking audience. .

After declaration & # 39; & # 39 case; Editing & # 39; quickly in the notice, Fujiwara, who had emerged from the darkness of the media attention, calmly stated that "I Assassin" and could not bear the families of victims of torture and began take revenge. On the contrary, it is the hottest media speculation and pursuit of the crowd, making the killer appears to be a star there. This situation is also shown on the poster, and the dragon seems Fujiwara also glamoru smile and beautiful. The creeps are stunned. Such suspension will iġibek masterpiece of 2019 surprise 11 & # 39; January.

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