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On the morning of 4 & # 39; December, the gaming phone recently re & # 39; came into public view. It seems that this time, the gaming phone can & # 39; make a difference. Previously, many manufacturers of mobile phones and tried to make mobile phones the game, but the acceptance by the public was not high, and ultimately ended in failure. The first mobile phone & # 39; Nokia with its own game – the Nokia 6110, is the first Nokia phone with & # 39; integrated SERBU.

Like the N-Gage of & # 39; Nokia, the Finnish were trying b & # 39; seriously to challenge Nintendo.

The Nokia N-Gage on the left has a form called "tacos", the D-pad on the side of the fuselage can & # 39; wiped, but the button on the right is very comfortable to use it. Connection & # 39; Internet for multiplayer games. At the same time, this is also a mobile phone with & # 39; Saipan system with all functions & # 39; communication, and even some good games are available for users to choose.

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance can & # 39; carried on the right has a larger screen (although the performance of its CPU is weaker) and more comfortable operational controls. Can & # 39; is through multiplayer & # 39; GameLink cable (or wireless adapter).

Winner: Nintendo & # 39; s Game Boy Advance. In the past year, its sales reached tens of & # 39; million, and N-Gage finished within a year.

Sony also wants to challenge Nintendo in the portable market gaming console, but Sony did not hold the PSP and has the same idea as Nokia – connecting the telephone console. Sony Ericsson & # 39; s Xperia PLAY has a small touchpad in the middle of the keyboard that you & # 39; used to replace the joystick, but the operational experience of the touchpad is not as good as analogue joystick. S & # 39; is worse is that Xperia lagging behind in & # 39; & # 39 terms; processing power. system equipment.

PlayStation Vita of & # 39; Sony has a more powerful GPU and larger AMOLED screen, as well as design & # 39; better physical button for a nice working experience. Vita run a proprietary system that can & # 39; affect the gaming experience. Sony also made some games & # 39; a heavy burden on the platform with & # 39; a big game developers: "Call of Duty", "Final Fantasy", "God of War", "My World", " assassin & # 39; s CREEDS "and so on.

However, these games are not compatible with & # 39; Android, and mobile division & # 39; Sony is appealing to the public as interactive entertainment & # 39; Sony. This means that almost Xperia Play m & # 39; has no special content. One of its uses is common simulator, making it ideal for outdated school games.

Winner: None. Both devices are expectations, and m & # 39; no subsequent updates version.

We won back to the present. The switch & # 39; Nintendo is indeed a great success, and the public have forgotten the disappointment of & # 39; Wii U is essentially a tablet with & # 39; wireless controller, or you & # 39; is used as a tablet, which is supported by NVIDIA chips, though NVIDIA has already withdrawn from the mobile space.

ASUS ROG gaming phones also have accessories that surround mobile phones into gaming phones, including accessories & # 39; hardware, and even the second screen can & # 39; used to transform the Nintendo 3DS. Xperia is a gaming device such as controller, and Rog combine its traditional features with & # 39; personal computer.

This means high screen & # 39; & # 39 rate; update, track chipset for speeds & # 39; higher clock, cooling & # 39; air and even table display, keyboard and mouse. If everything goes well, this phone will have a version of & # 39; s up next year. Frequent updates with more hardware & # 39; his health is a prerequisite for free computer games smoothly (and smartphones).

Winner: Nintendo Switch. Certainly, this is the early stage of the current smartphone game, and the perception and public acceptance are not high. The profits of & # 39; Nintendo has increased significantly since the launch of & # 39; this console, and sales & # 39; game phones (ASUS ROG, Razer, Red Devil, Black Shark, etc.) to reach record levels.

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