Wednesday , March 22 2023

Gao Xiaosong answered a self-proclaimed as Wu Wu Yifan Yifan naughty answer – Entertainment News


Netease Entertainment reported on 25 & # 39; November Recently, Gao Xiaosong said "Qi Yu said" it is very similar to Wu Yifan, causing netizens to discuss that. Next, Gao Xiaosong sent Weibo: "The words spoken in & # 39; ' Suo Yu Qi "are all aimed at debating, and do not represent my own views, including but not limited to carved, fools, etc. Ah!".

Gao Xiaosong said that he like Wu Yifan. Some Netizens spittjaw it. This is the worst barrier & # 39; Wu Yifan, but some redikens Wu Yifan. "You'll find him when you grow up."

Gao Xiaosong Wu answered highway Yifan Gao Xiaosong Wu Yifan sent naughty answer this mikroblog "clarification", but also b & # 39; his handsome pictures when he was a teenager. Wu Yifan answered: How have my photo?

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