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"To spread products, should be fine", as practicing the founder of the drama legend? Word of mouth Waterloo, the disposed equity by 600 million Chinese, lost IPO, what happened in the happy twist?

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The comedy always has a natural affinity market, no matter how the times change, the desire for laughter is based very much in our genes. From the movie Kung Fu & # 39; Zhou xingchi, the movie Kung Fu & # 39; Jackie Chan, for "Crazy" series & # 39; Ning Hao, the "囧" series & # 39; Xu Wei, a happy twist has become another important label & # 39; Chinese comedy film in & # 39; in recent years.

Beijing Happy Twist Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter & # 39; hereinafter Happy Twist) has been working on the comedy for fifteen years. Now it has become the largest machine manufacturing IP comedy in the entertainment industry of China, from Charlotte Trouble, Chad Water, Fist Iron shameful "Lil 'man the richest City & # 39 ; Xihong ", some even said that it is the king of the new generation of China of comedy.

In the vertical field of comedy, Happy Twist formed the unique style and her own creative process. "Products should be spun fine products." How to become a system of & # 39; quality control & # 39; Twists? The story of the box new reputation Waterloo, the disposed equity by 600 million Chinese, stranded IPO, happy happy little twist recently, what happened to "happy myth" that has been honed 15 years?


Can & # 39; the wind is mass produced?

For happy twists, the drama business "old bank" is the main source of its liquidity, and many people know the origin of & # 39; happy twists. He was involved in the planning, production and stage performance of the play for more than a decade. From selling & # 39; 7 tickets only in & # 39; Beijing for more than 4,000 games in & # 39; more than 60 key cities across the country, it is hard to find Happy Twist card has accumulated nearly 30 original work and unprecedented The good reputation is rising against the trend when the theater is not conducting.

cultural products are different from industrial production. Due to the different characteristics of the times, regions and audiences, it is difficult to be precise production assembly line and precise control & # 39; effects such as industrial products. Ways to ensure that their work is boutique.

China does not have a director with & # 39; good works, but not & # 39; there is no film production organization & # 39; constant quality as Hollywood and Marvel. You & # 39; realize & # 39; industrialized production of content and streamlined system that can & # 39; be quantified. Thus, the stock price of the company's film and television is very volatile and not favored by investors. The success & # 39; Happy Twist, although not a great commercial success, given the strong domestic content market shot, allowing people to see the possibility of & # 39; production & # 39; team and quality control of content. How to make happy?

In the early days where no one was interested, the Twisted troupe used the bus to pull people to see the drama b & # 39; nothing, and then use word of mouth to the play gradually improving. "You eat twists and twists you" was drawn in & # 39; Xie Nahe, the way hired drama, so the troupe can & # 39; fully use the resources & # 39; quality to increase traffic. These & # 39; marketing methods can provide a moment & # 39; excitement, but let happy twist is superb "a & # 39; product quality control system" and on her scale operation.

The initial approach was the questionnaire for the user and the establishment of & # 39; quality controller theater. F & # 39; per site & # 39; performance, a supervisor who is responsible for completing the quality control of report and record audience response to a previous package designed. If the baggage item is not imwieġeb, the team will discuss adjustments after the end of the show, change the way in the next show and tested repeatedly to find the plane & # 39; performance of -more suitable.

The play is f & # 39; direct contact with & # 39; the audience, and let the happy twist know the laughter & # 39; the audience, controlling the pace and naturally shed & # 39; & # 39 effectively log in, right time. For example, when Liu Hongtao answered the question "How do you evaluate the film" Wu De Shui '', he used the example of & # 39; "178 laughs in the university area of ​​the media" as an example. This updated program with & # 39; constant mode ensures that players can start fast and get the performance & # 39; above the line through, and make it possible to scale reproductions.

In the second half of 2012, under the suggestion & # 39; Zhang Chen, the artistic director, Happy Twist formed "Committee & # 39; art decision" made by managers, directors, actors, etc., Total & # 39; 9 people, composed of company executives and several directors. They are basically the 80s. The products of all content must be approved by the Committee of Arts to enter the preparatory stage. At the same time, the project launched under the brand "Happy Twist" should also work & # 39; comedy voted by the Committee on the Arts and controlled by Happy Twist. Individual preferences to avoid the age level of interest in making lead to errors in decision-making.

This set of & # 39; of & # 39 system; quality control of content can & # 39; trace the establishment of the project and the stage & # 39; implementation, Happy Twist to not only guarantees the quality of the individual repertoire, but also realizes the great improvement of the rate of & # 39; success & # 39; products & # 39; replication on a horizontal scale. Several typical examples are active in laughter today have the features of creating and polishing the masses. The cross talks & # 39; Deyun and Conference section & # 39; All Tucao were polished and polished in execution of the masses. Thus, the laughter and luggage are easier to mix and laughter is denser. As General Manager Liu Hongtao said, "Many creators in literary circle are popular with word called" gas hoisting & # 39; the earth ", which means you have to be on the ground, should be with the public. "

Happy Twist is becoming more and more stable in & # 39; Beijing. To further develop the market performance, Happy Twist has subsidiaries and offices in & # 39; Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Harbin, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenyang and Chengdu. In setting & # 39; new branch, this system of & # 39; managers & # 39; & # 39 with internal training, has been implemented broadly & # 39 ;. The stage & # 39; Happy Twist series conducted more than 4,000 games in & # 39; Beijing and the central cities of the country, and brought endless joy to more than a million viewers. After the system & # 39; drama of the quality control is clear, the next step is a large-scale operation to allow the team to break the geographical division and cultural division by maximum possible and avoid coffee audience that resembles the sketch Zhao Benshan garlic. Hey. Happy Twist has become the most recognized private institution in the field of domestic stage plays. Even countless young people are & # 39; very happy and became a social phenomenon.

Previously, the construction scale and system & # 39; quality control enabled the team to seize the opportunity brought by the Evening Spring Festival and expand b & # 39; rapidly as the capacity -produzzjoni.


various attempts

Happy Twist became the creator of the drama legend, and not a happy old drama, but the drama adaptation of the film and television. The biggest obstacle to restrict the listing of film and television companies is the instability of the project. a good movie can & # 39; lead to strong returns.

In 2010, Liu Hongtao, the founder of the university's founder and happy yesterday Yu Kai, coupled with a happy twist and became the general manager. In 2012, the film comedy "Thai" reached the top of the Chinese box Campen, made Liu Hongtao see the power of film komedy certified market. Happy Twist explore the model & # 39; & # 39 b integrated development; various screen and expanding to new industry of film and television media, to enhance the reputation and influence.

From the small theater era, the fun and games guides are known as point & # 39; laughter. In 2011, Happy Twist tried to combine style & # 39; own comedy essays. The essays created them, "The Fallen Leaves', soon entered the audience vision through the contest platform 2011 convocation & # 39; CCTV and got many responses. spun products are constantly on the Evening of Evening Spring CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV Evening Evening Spring, "Happiness 1 today", "Today Happiness 2", "Fu Bufu" and other drafts do Shen Teng, Ma Li and other famous players twist. Twist has become a frequent visitor to the Spring Festival Evening, and even has become a most anticipated work & # 39; the audience & # 39; Spring Festival Evening.

Under such base & # 39; mass, introducing the film, this part of the people who love drama is easy to play the role of & # 39; KOL, leading to word of mouth film fermentation. By & # 39; insistence on art + business, Happy Twist is slowly building a comprehensive system & # 39; the entertainment industry has its roots in comedy & # 39; Happy Twist wants to do himself serious vertical comedy company, which specializes in comedy in the entertainment industry.

Group & # 39; film production with no plateau top is a group & # 39; mature production, such as an occasional test & # 39; 100 points can not be regarded as the best student. It is not reliable to speak only b & # 39; data & # 39; data box. The truly mature market & # 39; film is characterized by industrialization, standardization and standardization. All & # 39; of course it can & # 39; is aligned with & # 39; Hollywood. Pleased to make a film every year, and word of mouth is good thanks to its unique system & # 39; quality control film.

The happy system of quality control of movie twist, above all, has a unique advantage in adapting to film drama. First of all, the drama was highlighted for many years, and the script is very mature, and the short form and writing of the writing of the film. Second, the player was beaten by & # 39; hundreds & # 39; performances and is almost integrated into the character. After adjustment, can & # 39; is connected to the film. Thirdly, the drama has a certain basis & # 39; audience, and this part of the people who love the drama is easy to play the role of & # 39; KOL, leading to fermentation of film reputation and helps market. The popularity of the film is also back to the drama. Second guarantee & # 39; quality is the setting up of the original team & # 39; "Original". The scripts and directors of three films produced by Happy Twist are all written and directed by original drama.

In past works, the word of mouth is a weapon for a happy twist film, and the use of & # 39; fawm fermented to obtain office & # 39; long box is also a common business tool. After the initial announcement, the "Charlotte Trouble" launched by the company without drama lineup & # 39; stars with ħawwadx splash. Liu Hongtao decided to set aside 1 million costs & # 39; marketing, and organized group & # 39; 1.5 million fans have been happy for over a decade. The activities & # 39; screening lasted 30 days and word of mouth was fermented.

In 2015, the problems & # 39; Charlotte had revenue & # 39; box & # 39; 1.4 billion, and the cost was only & # 39; 30-40 million. Relying on blush film, the profit & # 39; Happy Twist was & # 39; 126 million yuan, an increase year after year & # 39; 243.12%. In 2016, the second film & # 39; Happy Twist, "Chunde Water", was less than 200 million in ticket office, resulting in a net profit of & # 39; 74 799 million yuan, 43.43% less year after year, but the film has earned a good reputation. In 2017, Happy Twist "Shame of Iron Fist" became the first of the box office of the National Day the last year, at a cost of & # 39; 70 million and ticket office & # 39; more than 2.2 billion yuan. B & # 39; this film, the net profit of the company reached 390 million, an increase of & # 39; 422.64% on year.

In 2018, the summer film "the most wealthy man & # 39; Xihong City" sold, b & # 39; box office & # 39; more than 2.5 billion yuan. Happy Twist also was profitable b & # 39; 40 million investment, but this film is a bit special for a happy twist. This is the first "film & # 39; no speech adaptation '& # 39; Happy Twist. The idea of ​​& # 39; "a man most wealthiest & # 39; Xihong City" does not come from any of the drama a boost, but is authorized by Universal Pictures to adapt the film & # 39; the 1985 'Flow & # 39; & # 39 Million; Brewster ". Because it is the director Yan Fei, Damo Peng and Yan Teng stories from the & # 39; happy twist independent film operating system, so not officially defined as a fourth & # 39; film & # 39; happy twist.

On the one hand, the success & # 39; this film has broadened & # 39; the "walking path" for a happy traits, and found many possibilities for success. However, it was truly recognized as the fourth & # 39; film "The Tia of & # 39; To Tea" meeting & # 39; to & # 39; Waterloo National Day. The story, plot, people design, theme and almost grew near, and the box and reputation were very dark. The singer & # 39; twists raging been happy for a while.


happy twists can not be happy

Happy Twist met & # 39; to & # 39; difficulties in the battle for the big screen: the ability of & # 39; main control is limited, and the risk of & # 39; participation too. In 2017, Happy Twist also began participating in the vote, "Demon Bell" a & # 39; Wu Junrui harvest 360 million box office; "Zhou xingchi diċepulu" Lu Zhengyu & # 39; s "Master Peace" also earned 101 million ticket office. However, from the viewpoint of word of mouth, in addition to the system & # 39; its quality control, the participating works are & # 39; away from the three works previously controlled. This blocked the road & # 39; tgerir happy to some extent. Besides "stage play" and "movie", exploring & # 39; audio content such as "Happy Twist Theater" and "College Jianghu" in line with stimulatx drama too.

In order to increase production capacity, Happy Twist chose to start on the road & # 39; IPO, hoping to get more funding. According to the statement of 2017 Happy Twist IPO, Happy Twist IPO plans to raise 700 million yuan, plus & # 39; 150 million yuan to supplement the cash, the rest will be used to invest in & # 39; 6 plays and 6 movies. Among them there are four & # 39; suitable films from Happy Twist Classic Stage Play, "The Tia of & # 39; To Tea", "Earl of Wulong Mountain", "Friends Prison" and "Romantic French meal" are listed. After the end of & # 39; adaptation of the classic "bottom box pressure box"? For the audience and the market has already experienced the aesthetic fatigue, how goes the happy good future path?

The "aunt & # 39; To Tea" was not scattered at the site of the National Day, and issue & # 39; the foundation shown shareholders. The word of mouth exchanges and transfer of public equity fund & # 39; Chinese cultural industry investment with official background made everyone starts to think about it. The business Eye people went back in & # 39; March & # 39; this year, happy to prepare for the first episode of the drama, but after that they were prepared for almost ten months, they withdrew their application for listing IPO and were willing to readjust the ownership structure. The twist that seems smooth and seamless seems difficult to move.

Some people say that this is a high school student who will be beaten with & # 39; daily high score. Is that nerves & # 39; all are too sensitive and too demanding? Confronting the score reduction & # 39; film "Happy Twist", the story and gradually becoming clear people, the innovation of the lines is less innovative, the main performers are independent, players new and old are obviously broken and content creation is weak. Obviously, what makes everyone uneasy is the loss of & # 39; work, but the panic caused by the failure of the system & # 39; Quality control under non & # 39; innovation.

In the public mind and happy twist can basically pull the same number of & # 39; Shenteng, signed artist Marie is a happy and focused, but in a happy twist does not have shares, and the way & # 39; Cooperation with & # 39; twist is happy to participate in their company in a happy twist. The way & # 39; cooperation. The risk of losing key artist is still very large, but the strength of & # 39; up artists trained by the company is not enough, so the removal of the third broker artist & # 39; out the drama and film and television is not. From the company's financial report, this part contributes little to the company's performance, to make money and earn & # 39; to seed players, unhappy twist is indeed a little trouble.



The termination of the IPO is not a good thing for Twist, but it is a good thing to lose a horse in the face of frustration. Although the film and twisted drama are inseparable from different people, film and drama are inseparable. The closed loop formed by the two is the foundation of a twist. The maturity and perfection of the system & # 39; its quality control is the basis for long-term success of the yarn industry.

If the film is taken from the perfection and training system & # 39; quality control, on the one hand, it can & # 39; be like "aunt", and now twist m & # 39; iżbaljata longer. On the other hand, the heads & # 39; and Ma Teng Shen Li, left key players, and after the classical repertoire, the twists can embark on the embarrassing situation & # 39; Lang Jiang.

Adhere strategy boutique, adapting to the quality and pace of the stage to the screen, making attempts and more standardized innovations in the & # 39; quality control system and improve the production capacity Movie based on cycle & # 39; Shortened industrial regeneration of repertoire, skrwittru, director and actors. To expand its influence, rather than searching blindly works looking for exposure, not a b & # 39; robust but to reduce the & # 39; quality control system surmounted.

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