Thursday , September 16 2021

Has the education and training industry changed? next week – Oriental

  1. Has the education and training industry changed? New Oriental, Future Good, and Gaotu share prices all “cut in half” A-share K12 stock concept stocks may fall next weekOriental Fortune Network
  2. Online education stocks fell collectively, New Oriental fell nearly 50%, news that industry regulatory policies will finally pick up the NewscnBeta
  3. The CCP restrains documents from US stocks of the New Oriental and Harmonious FutureEpoch Times
  4. Beijing reorganizes the foreign training market and then takes a helping hand, new recruitment, New Oriental, has become an undesirable stockChinese VOA-VOA Mandarin website
  5. Hong Kong’s New Oriental stocks “halved” more than 30 billion yuan a day and evaporated, and educational stocks have lost weight warning!cnBeta
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