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He Junjun is a partner & # 39; listed company. Send a special gift for Dad _ playing Wang Qingsheng


Original title: It Junjun, partner & # 39; listed company, a special gift for games & # 39; gambling Wang Qingsheng

The game king celebrates his birthday, and his son Junjun He sends a special gift.

He and his father Junjun

Sohu Entertainment News 25 & # 39; November is the 97th anniversary of the king of gaming, He Hongjun, and the day when his son He Yujun had officially conference list. On 25 & # 39; November, Junjun He went to gambling Wang Qingsheng through & # 39; personal social platform and opened a photo of the launch conference. He said that this year finally gave Dad a special gift and most importantly – the first offer in life. Book.

He showed his father's return Yujun

Year & # 39; 23 years, He Junjun, who is now a partner & # 39; listed company, said: "Today is an extraordinary day. I never thought that Dad & # 39; s birthday and the big day conference & # 39; the company's launch will happen magically on the same day. it is my dream that grows from a young age to a great one. I once felt was & # 39; away, but after many days & # 39; hard work, I & # 39; I tell you continued with & # 39; success the press conference of the list today! "

He Yujun also said that this year he can & # 39; finally give the father the most important gift: "Today is also the birthday of the father. It is always my motivation to encourage you proud. you have nothing, you are ready to give gifts each year. the most troublesome thing! This year, I & # 39; nagħtilek special gift and the most significant – the first return in life! I want to say: Dad, happy 97TH birthday! I always work a lot and worthy Son & # 39; your pride! "Go back and see Sohu

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