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Li Chunjiang: The four & # 39; & # 39 countries; Guangsha are very hard. The physical capacity is disadvantage & # 39; Zhejiang Derby – Young Times – Hanfeng.com


2018-11-24 11:35:19 Source: Youth Times

Last night, the basketball team of men & # 39; Zhejiang Guangsha won the first team in Zhuji with a score & # 39; 12 win and 2 losses in 125-103 players on the team & # 39; Tianjin. The CBA League will get & # 39; enter into 6 & # 39; December, when Guangsha again & # 39; back to Hangzhou to challenge to Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank.

Li Chunjiang: The four & # 39; & # 39 countries; Guangsha are very difficult. Physical health is disadvantaged by Zhejiang Derby.

Of & # 39; worth mentioning that, because the duration of the flight Jilin team, lost Guangsha round. The time for removing again with the team & # 39; Jilin officially confirmed yesterday. Both sides will present the CBA "War & # 39; Spring Festival" to a national audience on the sixth day of the New Year.

With victory in the window, goodbye is Zhejiang Derby.

"The combat team & # 39; Tianjin, coach Li Chunjiang on the team & # 39; team following the departure of & # 39; 22 victory over the last week, b & # 39; special way the defense of foreign aid on the other. the performance is full of & # 39; praise.

In the 15th round of the game, Zhejiang Guangsha, which had a small lap & # 39; competition, scored 12 win and 2 losses, and second place was only allowed & # 39; Guangdong won 15 matches. After the campaign, the CBA League entered the period of the window of the national team game, Guangsha San Shao He Jinqiu, Zhao Yanzhen and Sun Minghui will report to the national team, foreign aid Bolosi will have to beat for Greek team, Holiday.

The first game after the window period will begin on 6 & # 39; December. Guangsha went to Binjiang Stadium to challenge to Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank. The first Zhejiang Derby this season was launched. This season, the domestic players & # 39; Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank represented by Wu Qiang grew by & # 39; a rapid rate, combined with the strength of & # 39; two teams & # 39; foreign aid, the team is effectively filled by fight. Even if lost in & # 39; a lot of games, still gained 8 wins and 7 losses, which ranked 9th place in the tournament.

Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank had only one person to report to the national team, while Guangsha had up to four & # 39; people, but Li Chunjiang believes that the whole team is not affected too much. "They are very difficult, m & # 39; have no rest, and have not been adjusted. The foreign aid will get & # 39; to go back to Greece and to go back. The physical fitness can & # 39; affected . It is a disadvantage. " Li Chunjiang said.

On the eve of the New Year, the team & # 39; Jilin, advertisements have become the "War of the Chinese New Year"

Yesterday afternoon, the CBA League official announced that the 11th session of competition & # 39; Jilin VS Guangsha due to flight delays will be delayed for 10 & # 39; February 2019 (New Day). Since the expanded competition date is in the Spring holiday, the official CBA also recalls the relevant clubs and the organizers of the competition field to do prior preparatory work to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

This news carried a heated debate among fans, and advertisements have become the CBA "The Spring Festival War". One ridiculed fans: "The New Year's Day is called to re & # 39; working overtime, one can & # 39; eat round and damp can & # 39; look". In fact, the CBA players are not as unprofessional as the fans described.

As the schedule CBA League spans the Spring Festival, in order to keep the player status and effectiveness of the combat team, Guangsha Shuai wants to sacrifice the opportunity to join his family . In previous years, the holiday of the Spring team generally had only two days and a half days. The homesick players will buy tickets early, sneak back home to eat dinner New Year's Eve, and fly back without stopping.

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