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Management in love with & # 39; city Xiamen Marathon in 2019 ended with & # 39; success – it is, starting, for the first time, not too much, and will – marathon running


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Original title: Love in love with & # 39; 2019 Xiamen City Marathon ended with & # 39; success

"Walk in love with & # 39; city", the Marathon & # 39; Jianfa 2019 Xiamen opened fire at 6: 30 am on 6 & # 39; January. A total of & # 39; more than 36,000 runners have signed. The actual number of & # 39; & # participants was 39; 28 208, including 46 invited athletes. The 37 outstanding domestic player f'Ludao gathered and stayed on the line high value and high quality Xiamen Malaysia of 42.195 kilometers, which showed perfectly the spirit of the marathon fight tenuża, never waived, and courage to challenge.

Leaders and guests attend the opening ceremony were: Duan Shijie, president of the Athletics Association of China, Secretary of the Party Center Management of the General Administration Athletics Sport, Wang Nan , President of the Athletics Association of China, Lin Zuoming, Director of the Provincial Sports Bureau Fujian, Li Weihua, member of the Standing Committee & # 39; Xiamen Municipal Committee & # 39; Xiamen and Han Jingyi, deputy mayor People's Municipal Government & # 39; Xiamen, Nathan Saba, Director of the Department of & # 39; Information of the United Nations Environment Program, Meimit Ken Kikmazuru, Technical Representative of the International Federation of Federations & # 39; Athletics, Zhang Shanbin, Deputy Director of the Municipal Party Committee & # 39; Xiamen, Xiamen Party Secretary of the Municipal Sports Bureau, Lou Dunliang, Director Fu Yimin, president of the Radio and Television Group & # 39; Xiamen Yiqi Shen, General Manager & # 39; Xiamen Jianfa Group Co., Ltd. Wang Wei, Chairman and CEO of Xtep Ding Shuibo Group.

The defending champion men's success

The Ethiopian players take the championships for men and women

In 2019, the Xiamen Jianfa Horse Race attracted many masters and presented competitive competition level was "a hunting team" and "xia" high. After increasing competition, players from Ethiopia won the championships for men and women.

On the side of & # 39; men, the suspense was maintained until the end. The first group always kept multiplayer competition. Third place in the league was fierce. The top three men lasted for two hours and 10 minutes. The players Ethiopian Dejene Debela GONFA and Afewerk Mesfin WOLDTENSAE shown stalemates in the race. Finally, Dejene Debela GONFA (Djene Debila Gonfa) managed to build Xiamen Marathon defending of the men's team championship in 2019 with & # 39; slight advantage & # 39; 2 seconds in & # 39; hours, 09 minutes and 26 seconds. Mesfin Afewerk WOLDTENSAE (Afwerk Mensfin Ward Tense) finished second, his score was 2:09:28, third place Birhan Nebebew Tesfaye (Birhan Nibibi Tesfaye) was won in two hours, 09 minutes and 36 seconds.

Dejene Debela GONFA (Dejene Debila Gongfa) again won the championship in Marathon & # 39; Jianfa following year, and its performance improved. In an interview said that compared with the previous rainy days, the weather this year is very good to play, and more satisfied with the performance of this event. I am also grateful for the invitation of Xiamen Marathon. I will continue to participate in future competition.

On the women's side, Deme ARMINO Medina won the women's team within two hours, 27 minutes and 25 seconds. Shasho Insermu MIJANA and Fantu Eticha JIMMA were the women's group b & # 39; hours 27 minutes 42 seconds and two hours 29 minutes 55 seconds. Two or three.

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