Friday , March 24 2023

“Minecraft” and Secretlab have released a gaming chair


Minecraft Titan Evo 2022 Edition

Minecraft Titan Evo 2022 Edition

Microsoft and Mojang recently collaborated with Secretlab to create a Minecraft-themed gaming chair. It’s based on Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 as a prototype, and incorporates the iconic Creeper model into the game. To be honest, this design is quite a spoof, after all, what scares you in the game is that the creeper exploded …

In addition to the “Minecraft” elements, this product also uses Secretlab’s SoftWeave Plus fiber material, which claims to provide better durability while ensuring comfort. It is divided into three sizes, small, medium and super large, and the price starts from US $ 549 (about RMB 3,530). For fans of the game, this gaming chair should have a lot of appeal, especially for those who play the live broadcasters “Minecraft”, the effect of the press outfit should be good.

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