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National Football is open to the door, and a fortunate blessing –


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8 & # 39; January 2019 10:41 Source: Guangzhou Daily Participating in the interaction

The Chinese team beat Kyrgyzstan the "New Army" with reversal 2-1

National Football is open, and the fortune will be blessed.

Guangzhou Daily, a full media reporter Li Bin

The Chinese team made its debut in the first round of the Asian Cup Group & # 39; the United Arab Emirates C. Bis – & # 39; Oolong gift & # 39; and "Will Fu" of & # 39; opponent targeted & # 39; Dabao, beat the Chinese team to the Cup & # 39; the new Asia Kyrgyz army with 2-1. This is already the first round of the Chinese team first four & # 39; the Asia Cup. The second round of the Chinese team group match against the Philippines will be the evening of 11 & # 39; January. In another match in the same group, the Korean team to & # 39; South beat the Philippines 1-0.

The first game of the Chinese team in the Cup of Asia is more similar to the pursuit of real life coach Lippi. "Silver Fox" changed the formation team several times during the game, and the whole process of the game also varied.

The opponent sent a "gift Oolong 'best

Failure & # 39; Zheng Zhi made the vulnerable Chinese team midfielder, and passive situation led to Lippi replaced early – in 24 minutes, Jin Jingdao was substituted Dabao, and the national team of football changed to 343 formation. In fact, the weak situation of the midfielder, the game of & # 39; three guards can & # 39; collect enough midfielders to strengthen the offense, while both sides of the defending side can form a defense with & # 39; five guards.

However, contrary to expectations, the games of the three central defenders is harder and requirements for players are higher. Captain Wei Feng and Zhang Lin

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