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No stars traffic, the big production "Unknown Generation" makes the audience feel bad – Entertainment News


No stars traffic, large production, but the ticket box "counter-attack"

"Generation unnamed"

Let the audience feel uncomfortable

In the process & # 39; screening nearly half & # 39; Monthly, the film "The Nameless Generation", which describes the little person, perfectly realized the attack "b & # 39; back" miraculous, from the first day of the box & # 39; 9 million yuan for "Animal Magic: the offense & # 39; Grindelwald" "Invincible King Destruction" and "Poison" of & # 39; Yu Wei and other major films, the same type & # 39; film is a real miracle box.

The directed by Rao Xiaozhi, Chen Jianbin, Ren Suzhen, Pan Binlong, Zhang Yu starred, no stars traffic, great production, great IP, under the "clip" attack of & # 39; blockbuster of & # 39; Hollywood, According to the industry, the film is expected to reach the ticket office & # 39; 600 million +.

Story grounding

The story of little people felt

The film is divided into & # 39; & # 39 negotiations, three lines, telling a pair of & # 39; thieves & # 39; low profile, lonely security guard, and four & # 39; "Generations unknown" physically in & # 39; disability but wild because old lost gun and hierarchical theft that occurred in the city, the fate of & # 39; everyone was rotated together with & # 39; mistakes, and became season & # 39; ridiculous comedy.

The film focuses on young people in the city and bound with layers & # 39; & # 39 out; each character, showing the reality of the lives of young people. This group & # 39; people is not perfect, but there are blood and flesh.

The highlight of the film is to find the understanding of the emotional core group & # 39; inside the principle of doing things through & # 39; group & # 39; young people. Whether it is from the countryside to the city, or the difference between the parents and children of the family b & # 39; single parent, the film points out the problem of real life, but the story is sad , three views are very positive and finally, the small man again & # 39; obtains dignity in society and let the audience touch the most rated part of the heart when leaving the theater . They heartache, awkward, hilarious, and moving.

Entrepreneurs analyzed the gas story & # 39; the launch, the clear image of a small group & # 39; people, finally evoked the core of the "generation without a name" in reality.

The player has health

The performance of & # 39; "Vida is incomprehensible" a & # 39; Ren Suzhen

The film is particularly prominent in performances, and over the next character is not Jiaqi, who had Ren Suzhen. Due to errors & # 39; his brother in the past, not Jiaqi was paralyzed in & # 39; a high level, and he could & # 39; only use the five senses to perceive the world. The injustice makes life full of & # 39; attitude to wear the world, and often said words that are extremely harsh. Because of his fame in "Chunde Water", Ren Suzhen, which recently opened a b & # 39; exceptional as in "I am an actor", lived layers & # 39; this role, and conduct again & # 39 ; affirmed.

The most exciting scene in the film comes from two "stupid thieves" who broke into the home of & # 39; Do Jiaqi. B & # 39; difference from other people, not Jiaqi not afraid to enter the thief home, and a series of & # 39; reactions are very calm. Not only can & # 39; undetected under her neck, she still can & # 39; combines two great men at home, and even ask them to kill themselves. The three people come and go, dialogue is filled with black humor, very full, but intriguing.

Chen Jianbin showed skills & # 39; bone & # 39; the elderly. The security guard who had been eager to perform, even with & # 39; & # 39 taste, odor, which had a small person looking for proven social identity. Zhang Yu, who was well known this year, also brought surprises to the audience.

In 2016, the director Rao Xiaozhi won a good reputation with the film debut "Hello, Mad", but the box of the box was not satisfactory. Although the director of the drama director is a new film in the ring, he experienced many experiences in the drama industry, whereas his film, though not so commercial, it is more solid. Compared to & # 39; "Hello, Madman", "Generation without name" has made much progress in the audiovisual language. Not only is challenged with & # 39; complex narrative with success & # 39; many lines, the story logic is clear, but also within the industry experience of drama, let it be the player. The show performance was very good, and finally let the audience see a very exciting performance.

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