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Prince Harry wants to survive elsewhere? Insider: It has a "relationship & # 39; William" – Prince Harry, the source & # 39; Kensington Palace, Prince William, Mirror – International News


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Original Title: Prince Harry wants to survive elsewhere? Insider: He has "a strong relationship with & # 39; William"

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According to several British media reports, the British Prince Harry Prince and his wife are preparing to go outside Kensington Palace currently still lives. Some royal sources have indicated that both cities should live together with the need for more space for the family after the birth of & # 39; Megan. Also because of the "relationship" between Harry and his brother William.

According to media reports such as The Sun and The Mirror, Prince Harry of & # 39; England will host & # 39; the first child of & # 39; & # 39 f wife; April the next year after hosting & # 39; to Megan Marker f & # 39; & # May 39, this year. It is reported that both intend to move from Kensington Palace the next year and move to Frogmore House in Windsor Castle.

Harry and Prince Couple (Source: AFP)

The Harrys now living in & # 39; a small town in & # 39; Kensington Palace b & # 39; only two bedrooms. Although the initial plan was to move Monday to another apartment & # 39; & # 39 Luxury in, Kensington Palace, people familiar with the matter said Harry and Megan did not want to be neighbors & # 39; Prince William and planned to run directly.

Prince William and his wife (Source: AFP)

"The relationship between the two men is somewhat nervous", said a royal source. "The Prince Harry also need more rooms. I hope that after their children are born, the Moorish Palace is finished. Living in & # 39; Kensington Palace, also have other options."

It is reported that the palace in & # 39; surface water Moore Palace is expected to be & # 39; settle in spring 2019. Until then, the new residence will be equipped with Prince Harry & # 39; 10 bedrooms, baby room, gym and spa.

Currently, Kensington Palace did not comment on this issue.

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