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Role & # 39; Lu Yixin going almost 40 years. The path of life is closely linked with the times | Lu Yi | Yongjiang | Track_Sina News


Original Title: Role & # 39; Lu Yixin has nearly 40 years. The trajectory of life is closely linked with the times.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 22 & # 39; November (rapporteur Bai Wei) In 2017, Lu Yi, prosecutor turned TV drama "The Name of the People", was rooted ingrained in the hearts of the people. It's time to get & # 39; back to the screen, but this time, his role ended nearly 40 years.

In the game, Lu Yi, the protagonist of & # 39; Lu Yi, is a retired military veteran. He experienced the change of status of state-owned enterprises to offshore business and then back to state-owned enterprises. In conducting & # 39; & # 39 series; struggles such as the reform of Plant & # 39; Yongjiang, revitalization & # 39; state brands, winners foreign trade and economic cooperation, and active participation in the construction of the "City and Street", opportunities and realized their dreams as entrepreneurs.

"This role extended almost 40 years from the eighties to the present." Lu Yi said in & # 39; interview in & # 39; Beijing in 22 compared to & # 39; Hou Liangping, be it career or love life choice or entrepreneurial path, life & # 39; Fang Bangyan The trajectory is closely linked with the times.

Yongjiang Textile Factory is & # 39; unit labor invested by Fang Bangyan after his transfer. His achievements are related to the Factory & # 39; Yongjiang. From sales to & # 39; rejuvenation equipment, from sales channels for cooperation with & # 39; foreign businessmen, even Fang Bangyan Everyone was questioned, suffered from a lack of & # 39; agreement, and even had problems in family life. He still managed the factory & # 39; Yongjiang in the first place.

Lu Yi Fang said that Bangyan not always take the aura of the protagonists. "He is not like the big man in the past, like God, and everything can & # 39; resolving itself. It is very true and very stereoscopic."

As Fang Lan, the mother & # 39; Fang Bangyan in play, said, "Fang Bangyan, man b & # 39; responsibility and accountability, and brings much faith commitment to work and family." In married life, Fang Bangyan has a lot of money to his family. .

"Fang Bangyan military has great character and is persistent." Lu Yi said, "He has faith in his heart sometimes not understood, especially if it is not understood by his family. In fact, his heart is very painful."

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