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Talks The clear stream of family & # 39; Kardashian revenue of & # 39; 21 will distracting siblings at home | Kardashian | Xuexiang | mold _ _ Sina Sina fashion


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The clean stream of the Kardashian family, the entry & # 39; 21 will kill our brothers and sisters at home.

Kylie Jenner, the youngest group & # 39; Kardashian, ranked first in the list of & # 39; most paid celebrities & # 39; under the age of Forbes & # 39; 30 years, and also the only two on the list with & # 39; of & # 39 Taylor Swift; 28 years. Women are on the list. The boss & # 39; Huang musician Ed Sheeran is the most paid under the age of 30, while Neymar earns & # 39; the highest income among athletes under 30 years. The most paid celebrities under the age of & # 39; 30 are most athletes. Among the top 10, there is one real-life stars (Jenna), four & # 39; five musicians and athletes. In 12 months, the total revenue & # 39; these young celebrities whose pre-tax deduction reached 723 million US dollars.

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Comment: The main lists of the world have become family collection of Kardashian & # 39; nuns … It does not matter in & # 39; which list, I can not see both social celebrities like Kardashian and Jin Jin Xiaomei, I feel like eating whale. Whale whale! – Buildings & # 39; On

Squeeze the fruit sister, the list of the most influential social media mold

The hot media agency BrandWatch statistics recently released the lists of the most influential men and women on Twitter in 2018. Liman Payne ranked first in the list of men, and the rest of the list was: Trump, Bieber, Obama, C Ronaldo, stormy Little Milk, Mars, David Guetta, etc. The mold did not send Twitter was ranked first, and the rest were listed Sister Fruit, jinkai Dyshan, Selina, Ris, Lady Gaga and others.

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Comment: The difference between the list of men and women list is the list of men make everyone see that f & # 39; this elitana society, not just the entertainment industry monopolize traffic. – North Building

SpongeBob m & # 39; has no father, how much is left in the childhood memories?

27 & # 39; in November, local time, the American cartoonist and creator of & # 39; SpongeBob, Hellenberg Stephen died, at the age of & # 39; 57 years. According to media reports, Helenberg been diagnosed with & # 39; anesthetic disease (ALS) in & # 39; March of last year and died in the fight against disease 26 & # 39, this month. Since its launch in 1999, nearly 250 channel SpongeBob episode and loved children.

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Comment: Because there Jin Yong, Stan Lee, Steven Heerenberg, so there are rivers and lakes, and childhood hero, go well … – North Building

Once hosted "children", is itself now Kaiyun

As the leading brand of Kaiyun Group, Gucci launched the website of its own e-commerce in 2001, but the official website of the e-commerce & # 39; other group firms was operated by the joint venture Kaiyun between Group and YNAP. Kaiyun Group recently issued a statement that says it will terminate the partnership & # 39; seven & # 39; years with & # 39; YNAP in the first half of 2020, and will fully accept the business of e-commerce brand of its official website.

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Comment: For items & # 39; luxury, non-flat production is most needed. – Buildings & # 39; On

The hotel street & # 39; & # 39 five stars in; Xuexiang: from singer to clear price

Xuexiang undergone correction after successively expressed slaughter news. Recently, the Xuexiang rectified opened his garden, promised not jbiċċilx clients, b & # 39; clearly affordable, and iffilmja relevant short videos to spread, to get & # 39; gain the confidence of tourists. However, when I saw the clear price & # 39; Xuexiang, many people said they could not believe their eyes.

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Comment: Xuexiang "All said m & # 39; you are good in storage, do not you think?"Rachel

The Island & # 39; Hainan is tax-free and improved. You're ready to buy and buy?

According to the official website of the Ministry of Finance on 27 & # 39; in November, in order to implement tax-free shopping policy and more open to passengers outlying islands and to promote the construction of the International Center of Tourist Consumption & # 39; Hainan, the relevant departments have adjusted the policy content & # 39; free purchase & # 39; passengers off the island & # 39; Hainan, residents Passengers on the islands) The annual ceiling & # 39; purchase without tax per person increased to 30,000 yuan and so on.

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Comment: Ticket, please give me some strength? – Ozzie

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