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Tax reform in the first month of the month, less than 20,000 yuan to reduce the burden b & # 39; more than 50% – Sql Database & Blog Articles


The report & # 39; "Securities Daily" learned from the State Administration of Taxation of the first period & # 39; reporting from the beginning of the tax reform on personal income has been done smoothly. Declared wages and salaries received in & # 39; October revenues from production and operation derived by individual industrial and commercial households.

The data show that in the first month & # 39; implementation of the reform, the national tax on personal income was & # 39; 31.6 billion yuan and more than 60 million taxpayers before the tax reform m & # 39; still pay personal income tax on wages and salaries. Among the various industries generally reduce taxes, taxpayers manufacturing the greatest tax reduction, and private enterprises more obvious tax deduction. Experts taxation and taxation said that this reflects the intent and original meaning of the reforms to promote social equity and increase the endogenous dynamics of economic growth.

This tax reform on personal income optimizing the tax rate structure, continued to widen & # 39; rate & # 39; middle and low grade and tax reform dividend benefited the group & # 39; middle and low income. Luo Tianshui, director of the Tax Department of the State Administration of Taxation, said taxpayers who received wages and salaries & # 39; less than 20,000 yuan in & # 39; October had tax reductions & # 39; more than 50%, representing 96.1% of the total number of & # 39; taxpayers before the tax reform. Yuan, accounting for 70.9% of total tax reduction for the month.

The data show that in the first month & # 39; reform, wages and salaries decreased by 30.41 billion yuan and tax cuts was & # 39; 41.3%. In the first month & # 39; reform, employees & # 39; private enterprises paid less than 16.45 billion yuan in personal income tax, representing 54.1% of total tax reduction for the month and tax reductions & # 39; 44%.

"From the perspective of the effect of reducing the tax of the first period & # 39; reporting, the total tax deductions and tax deductions of private enterprises are relatively large, it will continue to stimulate the internal motivation of private enterprises and enhance the soft power of competition. " Director of the Institute & # 39; That Wanzhen introduced.

"New Policies & # 39; taxation is tantamount to giving employees increased indirect salary, to carry on the work enthusiasm of employees." Objettivment, this is also the state to help the enterprise to create a work of greater value. "Yang Moru, Professor of the Institute for Economic Development and Reform, Huaqiao University Said.

As the main body & # 39; the real economy, the manufacturing industry of China in general is stable and optimistic. The reporter recognized that during the first period & # 39; the tax reform report, the deduction for tax scale for manufacturing employees reached 5.85 billion yuan, which is 19.3% of the total reduction the tax this month.

"The majority of the manufacturing industry is intense work, with high labor costs and at & # 39; place where people with high incomes are concentrated. Reducing the tax burden leads to promote better development of the manufacturing industry ", said Zhang Bin, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Reporter Bao Xing & # 39; an

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