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The 26 days of the domestic market The black market futures usually closed – The Securities Network China – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-26 15:48:29 Source: Network of China Securities

From 26 days of closure of the domestic market, the black future generally fell. The main contract iron ore, manganese silicon drop & # 39 ;, coke, the wire and ferromanganiż main contract fell more than 5%. The reduction was almost 3%.

F & # 39; other varieties, the key rubber contracts, Shanghai nickel, fiberboard, soybean oil, wheat, cotton yarn, vegetable oil, cotton yarn, vegetable oil and other varieties closed to different degrees.

In addition, the main contract & # 39; not fallen petroleum & # 39 ;. The main contracts & # 39; petroleum asphalt, fuel oil, Shanghai zinc, lead Shanghai, Shanghai tin, silver Shanghai, Shanghai copper, Shanghai aluminum, Shanghai gold, soybean meal, eggs, oil of palm, rapeseed, apples, rape, sugar, etc. Fall.

(Source Article: The Securities Network of China)

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