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The 5G version of the iPhone will have to wait until 2020, and will change next year?


In 2019, the smartphone industry will be used in the first wave of & # 39; 5G mobile games, but there will be no iPhone.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple will not support the iPhone at & # 39; 519 for 5G network. In addition, sources also said that at least until 2020, m Apple & # 39; has no plans to launch iPhone 5G.

It also confirms the earlier news & # 39; FastCompany. Since early in & # 39; November, insiders said the first version of the iPhone 5G & # 39; Apple will be available in 2020, when it will use the baseband 5G produced by Intel.

But opponents & # 39; Apple are obviously willing to release 5G phones. At the summit Qualcomm 4G / 5G made in & # 39; October & # 39; this year, Qualcomm announced the first group & # 39; OEM mobile phone manufacturers using the Snapdragon baseband X50 5G, including nearly 20 brand including Xiaomin, Jiajia, OPPO and in vivo. They all plan to launch 5G phones in 2019.

Samsung recently said it would cooperate with the US telecoms operator Verizon to launch its first 5G handset in the first half of 2019. Currently, Verizon launched 5G commercial network in & # 39; areas like Los Angeles, and is expected to launch early 5G mobile network in 2019.

Another operator & # 39; the United States, AT & T, also hopes that mobile phone manufacturers will launch commercial devices possible & # 39; possible. You must also push 5G mobile phones in the US market in 2019.

Thus, analysts of course have to worry if Apple indeed plans to launch iPhone 5G in 2020, then the period & # 39; next transition will certainly continue to sell 4G models, which means that Apple loses first wave & # 39; 5G phones. The tidal change is also disadvantaged when competing with competitors.

However, in & # 39; & # 39 terms, technologies & # 39; new networks, it is not uncommon that Apple "hit slow" by its opponents.

In 2017, when CEO Tim & # 39; Apple Tim Cook has accepted an interview with & # 39; Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple is said to invest on the basis of & # 39; long-term plans, and is not eager to fight first. Whether iPod, iPhone or iPad, not the first one in the same category.

Specifically, the first iPhone, released in 2007, was supported only by slower 2G network. Although some high-end machines supported standards & # 39; faster 3G network at the same time, Apple has to wait until the second year & # 39; IPhone 3G. Formally started supports technologies such as 3G, GPS navigation and multi UMTS / HSDPA frequency.

Also in the era of & # 39; 4G, Apple also chose HSPA + wireless technology somewhat faster than 3G, for iPhone 4 and 4S. It was only after a year that began officially support iPhone 5 4G LTE networks, which did not affect its sales. .

Therefore, before the next network 5G, Apple x & # 39; likely to adopt the strategy of the era 3G / 4G, and officially enter the market until the basic network has been established for years. After all, in a market environment where coverage of the early signal is high, the majority of consumers still pay more attention to the stability of the signal, and the difference in network speed is not necessarily perceived.

Take the Chinese market as an example. Although some cities will be able to enjoy the first pilot year of 5G, the official commercial time is still set in 2020, thus unreasonable to expect 2020 Apple to launch the iPhone 5G.

On the other hand, Apple iPhone 5G will wait until 2020, and is also related to the Intel baseband currently used.

It is reported that in order to cooperate better with & # 39; Apple, Intel has set up a team & # 39; thousands & # 39; people to develop baseband 5G for the new iPhone, but the range of millimeter waves in the 5G network also exercised tremendous pressure on the existing baseband chips, which resulted in the actual adoption. The prototype & # 39; Intel XMM 8060 5G iPhone baseband to control the good heat and indirectly affect battery life.

Because of this, Intel can & # 39; only continue to develop x-XMM 8161 baseband b & # 39; more advanced process and b & # 39; lower consumption & # 39; enerġija.Dan chip will be based on 10nm process technology, which is better than the current 28nm Qualcomm baseband X50, but it also means that Apple has to wait more. For a long time to work inches

When considering the X50 basket & # 39; not well integrated on the Qualcomm SoC chip, such as heat and consumption & # 39; energy, x & # 39; is likely to affect the first group & # 39; 5G Android phones next year 2010. As the volume and balance the internal structure of the fuselage will be 2019. The first group & # 39; 5G mobile phones need to face challenges.

Of course, for most users, the biggest news value "iPhone 5G will wait until 2020" is obviously to find the most compelling reason for the iPhone "to support other year".

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