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The bank card number linked mobile phone become a "three no": four & # 39; leading authorities responded with & # 39; powerful way – e-commerce – payment platform / internet finances


Nowadays, the mobile phone numbers & # 39; most people will be integrated with & # 39; active and passive f & # 39; & # 39 different platforms; service, but not easy to leave on board the ship, and not easy to dissolve them, especially when encountering & # 39; banknotes. Recently, some netizens reflected on the problem of uncommitted bank cards and changed the number of the mobile phone, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Bank writ and China Insurance Regulatory Commission of China all responded immediately.

For example, Sichuan Luzhou nibdita "Na Na Shan Shui"Information on banking transactions of the previous owner of the mobile phone number is miserable, but the bank must issue a paper certificate on the number of mobile phone:

The number of mobile phone always receive the SMS message from the Agricultural Bank & # 39; the former owner, and is uncomfortable. I arrived at the bank to ask to remove the mobile number and the bank account of the former head of the family, so the information is sent on my phone.

It was a very simple thing. The Agricultural Bank can & # 39; locating mobile banking registered number of the mobile phone. The bank mobile phone can & # 39; find the ID number of the bank account, so the information of the bank card of the person and the number of reserved mobile phone in the bank can be found. The owner of the card ABC talablu to iħolluha.

However, the bank prefers to prove that the number of mobile phone is mine, and I have to present evidence of the consumption of paper. I can not see it on the mobile app. I have a paper certificate. In the era when information on the Internet is so popular today, is still a small problem to deal with such a small matter. It is really common people!

Can & # 39; this type of & # 39; improve anything? Can & # 39; changed? It is clear that the trouble that the former head of the number of mobile phone caused me, but must nipprovah. You can not simply ask the next owner? In addition, the location & # 39; My attribution is not the place & # 39; My current residence, and local business hall can not produce paper materials!

Another example is the Wumen Mountains in & # 39; Wanghan, Hubei.I want to remove the number of second-hand mobile phone and find that nobody working on it:

The number of mobile phone is my second number, and it caused me some problems recently. As the owner of the number of the mobile phone with its original number bidelx f & # 39; some software and a bank, which is the number to which I use now. Therefore, some messages & # 39; unexplained test calls and recently hit my phone.

Call to the telecommunications customer service and having learned that they also acted in accordance with normal procedures, such as the breakdown of cell phone numbers, can not interfere, because it involves user privacy.

So, this question turned to me. I found that this problem belongs to that can not be managed by anyone but the user. I am concerned about how to solve these problems.

Another example is the netizen "Kitten" in Qingdao, Shandong.Change the number of mobile telephone bank card, and also go into business hall to collaborate personally:

Nowadays, many banks do not support the separation of cell phone numbers on the Internet. F & # 39 most cases, bank cards must be linked to & # 39; new mobile phone numbers, and it is often problematic to go to the bank to wait. Therefore, I hope that the state can & # 39; solve the problem & # 39; free assembly and altering the number of mobile phones under the bank card.

For the problem that these mobile numbers and bank cards can not be solved by a dishwasher, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced today that the four officers respond & # 39; departments, which together promote the solution:

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

Based on strengthening the management of the number of telecommunications network code resources and strengthening the notification of telecommunications services, will promote b & # 39; shared way of businesses telecommunications and banks to the Banking Regulatory Commission, strengthen cooperation and tistandardja problems associated with the secondary sale of mobile numbers. long-term mechanism for linking & # 39; cell phone numbers.

The People Bank:

It will promote the Ministry & # 39; Industry and Technology & # 39; Information or communication operators and financial regulatory authorities and commercial banks to establish a mechanism of & # 39; verification & # 39; information & # 39; real name for mobile phone numbers, encourage commercial banks to study and explore ways to increase the use of & # 39; channel & # 39; the Internet to keep phone numbers, strengthen publicity and require commercial banks to obtain the same legal person. Removing and change the number of mobile phones between different stores require commercial bank informs the consumer and financial inform the five parts of the Untied materials procedures.


Guide to China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile to analyze deeply the problems and shortcomings, proposes to improve the mechanism of & # 39; & # 39 processing; secondary number & # 39; & # 39 enterprises; communication, and explore the establishment of & # 39; mechanisms and platforms & # 39; between processing industry.

Banking Regulatory Commission:

Will encourage commercial banks to strengthen information prompts, and promote attachment and launch of banking cards and the number of mobile phone customers, and guide commercial banks to further strengthen awareness financial and publicity.


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