Monday , November 29 2021

The chief financial officer & # 39; Huawei to add to the arrest of trade negotiations shadow between the United States and China – Chinese Voice of America (VOA)


  1. The Chief Financial Officer & # 39; Huawei was arrested to increase the US trade negotiations and China. Chinese Voice of America (VOA)
  2. Why arrest & # 39; Meng from the boat at night is easy for people to associate? Sina
  3. The CFO Huawei Meng Wanzhou been arrested or extradited to the United States as the founder & # 39; Ren Zhengfei BBC News
  4. The Canada the chief financial officer arrests & # 39; Huawei at the foreign ministry request of China & # 39; USA: immediate release of Chinese Network Voice & # 39; America (VOA)
  5. foreign Network: Let it be a gun, the 5G development of China will not stop.
  6. See full story on Google News
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