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The Football Association has raised the team plays in the Super League, this time left another suspense? – New Horizons in sports –


2018-11-26 23:57:59 Source: New Horizons sports

Original Title: The Football Association has raised the team to play in the Super League, this time leaving suspense?

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This afternoon, the Chinese Football Association, which has been recently rumored, again made an official channel:Some media reports that the national team will participate in the Super League in 2019, this news is not true. The size and format of the Super League next season will remain stable and do any major adjustment.

With rumors & # 39; the Chinese Football Association, the rumors that the team & # 39; International training will play Super League next season can finally end, but in the form of & # 39; this growing team, I am afraid that m & # 39; no answer at the FA. At the same time, mentioned in the rumors of the Football Association that the size and format of the Super League will remain stable next season and made no major adjustments. Then, the expansion of the Chinese Super League rumore completely false rumor. However, the rumors of the Football Association still left suspense, although it is clear that the national team training will not participate in the Super League, but if this team will bet on A, or even participate in the tournament as foreign media reports, is still a mystery. M & # 39; no clear answer on whether other members of the national team to participate in the events of the Chinese Football Association.

"Sports Daily Sports" said the and25 can & # 39; participate in the League or a foreign league.

Currently, the first national team & # 39; training goes Kunming for the second stage & # 39; the ball training. Second national team & # 39; also began training in military training & # 39; Taian. The scale & # 39; this team will inevitably continue to expand in the future. The next season, as players become problem status, and how the relationship between players and clubs is treated is also questionable. If the players will participate in the tournament with & # 39; Collectively next season, then these players can not play for their clubs. According to the data of "Transfer Market" German, Wang Yaopeng of & # 39; one part, Liu Binbin of Luneng, Chen Weiming and not Junliang of & # 39; R & F, Zhong Jinbao of & # 39; Jianye and other players, their original contract with the club expires at the end of & # 39; This year, if they can not play for the club next year, then if participating in the training team will affect their initiative when renewing the club hidden dangers unknown.

Because these players may not be able to play for their respective clubs in the next year? In fact, there will be traces when the award ceremony held at the Super League. "The Football News" broke the news this morning:The senior officials & # 39; the Chinese Football Association and some senior executives and experts Super League Club conducted small-scale exchange, and asked the relevant policies & # 39; support and opinions of national team football training after the Super League. He argued that if more than three players be transferred to the national team & # 39; & # 39 in training, team & # 39; Super League, it is possible to increase the number of & # 39; locations & # 39; foreign aid for the team whose strength is deleted.

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