Saturday , December 4 2021

The gold ball is fraudulent? The exposure voter voting has been tampered with the first change & # 39; Messi for the latest information freely


In the vote & # 39; Golden Globe 2018, Messi was only ranked in fifth place, which led to a lack of & # 39; satisfaction of the global media and supporters. Regardless of his personal ability or his achievements last season, Messi m & # 39; should be the fifth person in football. Today, the Golden Globes vote is even more exposed. The reporter noted that Costa Rica Which Bude voted for Messi in the first general vote, but the final result showed that Messi made his fifth option.

On Twitter, Bude That indicated that there was a problem with the Golden Globes vote. The five votes & # 39; To Bude given to Messi, Modric, Ronaldo, Salah and Gleizman. However, in voting in voting announced details & # 39; Golden Globe, five votes were given to Gleizman, Salah, Ronaldo, Modric and Messi. The order & # 39; & # 39 voting; That Bude and Golden Globe Awards are exactly the opposite.

It Bude To write his own wrong position, or is "French football" to make a mistake in counting? That Bude firmly believes the latter. To contact Bude "French Football" and asked to check and disclose his voting record. Bude that previously participated in the Golden Globe Awards in 2010 and 2014, and there were no problems in & # 39; at that time.

Messi became Mei Laowu, which made the game & # 39; Barcelona Balweed to understand. "I want to congratulate Modric, is a great player. But Messi is classified in fifth place? Do I get anything & # 39; to understand." Valverde stated, "Everyone has his own opinion, I can not assess whether the degree is fair person to be elected."

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