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The new song & # 39; Huang Zika was leaked and crashed and shouted, May Day Axin helped save fire | Zika Huang | New Song | Axin_Sina


The new song & # 39; Huang Zika was leaked and shouted, and Mayday Axin helped firefighters.The new song & # 39; Huang Zika was leaked and shouted, and Mayday Axin helped firefighters.

Huang issued a letter thanking Zika ashingtonHuang issued a letter thanking Zika ashington

According to Taiwan media reports, personal album & # 39; Huang Zika for a long time is expected to be released at the end of the year. Lost again. In the early morning, he reported good news through & # 39; Facebook, said Angel musician took just seven hours to work through. "Besides being handled, I have just moved. How can & # 39; pay back?"

The incident came on the third day, and his film Po explains the ins and outs of the whole incident and thanked friends star sent private messages from Chen Jianning and Huang Yunling and even thanked his girlfriend Meng Ruru for his company. A private message is willing to help, said: "There is a sense of & # 39; fate, and one of them opened the event. Invite musician for the song, is not using WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, but MSN, is gave me (song). "Unfortunately, the final album was not recorded. This time I hope to cooperate. Huang Zika said: "I was surprised and excited, and tears żammt background."

The other party spent & # 39; hours to hand over the work and spent & # 39; two hours to write lyric. It is expected to enter the studio & # 39; this night to reach 10 songs. "Thanks to Mayday team, thank you, teacher ashington. This life is due. I do not want be forced to deny all the time. Never crying for the last two days. Surprised, having heard & # 39; to Huang Zika apologized, saying it does not matter. "it is just a matter of & # 39; time to talk with & # 39; everyone (speaking)! "

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