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The same is full & # 39; guns, because the Football Association only ask Fan Zhiyi to ignore Hao Haidong? – I know the ball –


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Original title: The same is filled with guns, because the Football Association only ask Fan Zhiyi to ignore Hao Haidong?

The Football Association is stiednetx to Yao Ming, but after all made the "Yao Ming" model.

Yao Ming: Which one of you wants me Yao Ming? It is clearly terrible!

According to reports, Fan Zhiyi, the national football team of the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002, submitted his resignation to Shanghai Shenhua and will go to the Football Association for work. However, in the case of vacancy of the president of the Football Association today, it is true that the "Fan Da General" really wants to transform "President Da Fan"?

Zhang Bin: Do not forget to cover the belt in your future!

Inspired by the success & # 39; Yao Ming in Basketball Association, the pattern & # 39; "Professional management professional things" and given attention in & # 39; many sports fields in China. The designation & # 39; Fan Zhiyi at the Football Association is also considered as a manifestation of & # 39; this spirit. S & # 39; now, Fifth Cup National Team 2002 World collected in & # 39; Beijing: former national head of football team Jun Junzhe became head of the Department of National Management and director of Yang Chen and Shao Jiayi appointed as training director for national team training, while Peng Weiguo was the director for men's football team training young people. Along with & # 39; Fan Zhiyi, outstanding today, is a big name.

Recoba: You work chess?

Besides football team & # 39; the Chinese men, the Chinese Football Association also started using again the football professionals in women's football. The football team & # 39; before the Chinese women had against Sun Wen as the director of youth training department of women's football and the youth training director women -futbol. The constant participation & # 39; these stars and football experts fully shows that the Football Association took another step in the concept of & # 39; 'Professionals to do professional things ".

Fan Zhiyi: I'm still a little nervous ~~

However, what is surprising is that even Fan Zhiyi, newly properly punished, recruited by the Football Association. Why Hao Haidong, who is very popular with people, wait for a long time to restore & # 39; is used?

Hao Haidong: He has been working up to three years!

There is only one reason – the people's attitude is good! After the accident & # 39; arbitration, Fan Zhiyi a very good position and apologized to referee. Since it was punished by the Chinese Football Association to present, Fan Zhiyi was very careful when it appeared in the public eye. In a previous old game, after the scandal of the team age fraud was exposed, Fan Zhiyi was also no discussion and extremely restricted.

Fan Zhiyi: The image is very important engineering ~~~

Not only that, but running & # 39; General Fan is also & # 39; need. In the last two meetings with the Director General of Sports, Mr. Qi Zhongwen, left a very strong impression on the leadership. The first time was in & # 39; October & # 39; this year, Xu Genbao Fan Zhiyi accompanied f & # 39; Beijing to attend a meeting of & # 39; exchange & # 39; football & # 39; level. Fan Zhiyi had speech & # 39; 5 minutes at & # 39; this meeting raised the interest of senior executives. easy interaction.

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