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Short Duration & # 39; attention is not a bad thing, it also has its benefits.from

Maintaining focus for a long time will put you in & # 39; & # 39 top level, stress. The term & # 39; our attention seems to be getting, and has become a hot topic – it & # 39; you see relevant discussions on TV, heard on podcasts, read on Twitter, on your watch I saw the news & # 39; relevant news, or feel that you & # 39; get the feeling that arises early experience depressed after heart I stand every morning.

According to a report of & # 39; research released by Microsoft in 2015, the average human attention term was shortened from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013 (even more than a continued focus still depleted and continuing for 9 seconds). The goldfish is still short, and the number can & # 39; moves towards zero.

Of course, this alarming been around for a long time. The article of & # 39; the American electrician & # 39; 1897 scared & # 39; to the growing dependence on the phone will idurna everyone in "transparent jelly", and the body and spirit will cement. "Although the concept of & # 39; dependence on our smartphone (the most obvious defect of the crisis & # 39; the current focus) is controversial, there are many studies that have found that mobile use of & # 39; obsessive-compulsive disorder can & # 39; lead to anxiety & # 39; separation, lost chronic phobia and the sindroma of & # 39; Dicken (also known as synovitis tendon stenotika, commonly known as the mother, refers to the use excessive wrist or undue force, resulting in & # 39; pulse root inflammation and makes the pulse of the long muscle abductor and short inflammation of, causing stenosis) – these the symptoms are enough to worry, maybe humans eventually "jelly".

The strange thing is that even without doing anything with our mobile phones, our hands are still inseparable from our mobile phone. Researchers at & # 39; Paris noted that 37% of women and 30% of men were keeping their smartphones when they were walking alone. (Pale and men in & # 39; Paris only have 18% of their time walking through their mobile phones, showing that sometimes we get the attention of the other party.

However, m & # 39; easily We should worry the problems & # 39; Our distraction on smartphones – the people's attention always kept short. A study a few years before the first generation iPhone found that, on average, the workers have focused on the use of & # 39; tools or document only a few minutes and turned to tools or other documents. Moreover, it is wrong that attention is not always sustainable. The blocking of websites software allows workers distracted by using the Internet while they are working. Most of them are more sensitive to the passage of time and could do more, but also show why most keep their attention. Levels & # 39; hypertension.

For those seeking to better control the duration of their attention, science advises. Study 2016 found that knowledge meditation can & # 39; improve attention and concentration in people & # 39; & # 39 short term; time, especially for heavy multimedia users multitarji. A study published earlier this year also showed that regular long-term benefits & # 39; & # 39 exercises; conscious may be greater than previously thought.

Finally, one question that lending is: How long do we want our attention to the past? Continue & # 39; moderate amount of & # 39; time is a good thing, but it remains & # 39; focused for too long can & # 39; increasing levels of & # 39; Our stress. The today's problems can not be non & # 39; attention, but the lack of & # 39; self-control before several interesting and attractive external stimuli.

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