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2018-11-26 23:57:44 Source: Times Sports

Original title: three videos and one false note, a tribute to the expeditionary army of fans & # 39; Luneng

Shandong is & # 39; away from Beijing. It is five or six hundred kilometers & # 39; apart. The trip to fans & # 39; Luneng is very difficult, but tired and happy.

Evening of 25 & # 39; November, Beijing Workers Stadium, the first part of the FA Cup, away to Luneng challenge to Guoan.

The working body is the most famous devil house in the Super League. The atmosphere is warm and, of course, there are also sound & # 39; the Opera & # 39; Beijing. F & # 39; this game, nearly 50,000 fans began working Guoan. Before the game, they were confident and determined to win. Before the opening, expressed their determination by tifo largest in Asia.

In the vast green, touch & # 39; bright orange is proud, they Luneng fans expeditionary army.

On the court, with tilefx Luneng. The Luneng played against 50,000 fans outside the stadium to lose. At work, Luneng Expeditionary Force showed strong effective & # 39; fight enemies and orderly and the determination of the same enemies Shandong journalists have more or less accidental. This type of & # 39; cohesion sometimes has less tension in the home game.

At night work, the Luneng Expeditionary Force really gained eight words: Qilu world, the same f & # 39; single line.

The actors & # 39; Luneng should feel deeper. Feel the critical & # 39; fans & # 39; Luneng. In more difficult times, there is always a force to close teeth and keep working.

Hike, the distant view, the run & # 39; Luneng from the body, the balance of victory began leaning. Early this morning, the team went back to Jinan to prepare for the second round of & # 39; decisive battle. Prior to this, the Luneng Expeditionary Force put driving on the road at night.

Surrounded by smog, haze is filled and high speed is closed. Because of the weather, the bus of expedikatriċi army of fans & # 39; & # 39 Luneng can; stop and just stop. Hardships.

Although exhausted both physically and mentally, everyone is still happy, and it's even more embarrassing for the second round of the FA Cup after 5 days.

Fun to Luneng Yuanzheng! These are Youth North, the Fan Club & # 39; Vulcan, the Fan Sanhe Club, the Fan Club Jining, the Fan Club in Weifang, the Zibo Fan Club and league fan League City.

On 30, all gathered in Lemon & # 39; Jinan, only for the final end of the decisive battle.

In the afternoon, leave "special" had spread quickly among fans & # 39; Luneng.

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