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Want to be in the NBA, Zhou Qi requires two obstacles – Chinahourly


In the morning of 25 & # 39; in November, the time & # 39; Beijing, the Houston Rockets lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 108-117 in the regular season NBA. Zhou Qi, Chinese player who was recalled from the Rockets League Development day of & # 39; before the game, he plays. F & # 39; field of the development league with Texas Legends team last week, Zhou Qi, who had in the Viper team, spray his left foot. It is reported that although information on injury has not been announced, the main objective of the Rockets that reminds Zhou Qi is to help him recover from the damage, rather than prepare to elect him.

This season is the second season after Zhou Qi visited the land in the NBA. For him, if you want to stand on the NBA, you must first overcome the problem of damage. This season, Zhou was injured Qixian & # 39; in & # 39; widow in training camp in & # 39; in September, and then damaged a & # 39; knee in the preseason game at & # 39; in October, so tredita of & # 39; three weeks, missed the chance to join the Rockets before the regular season. Besides this diffuse left foot, Zhou Qi was injured & # 39; 3 times in just 3 months.

Zhou Qi recently said on Weibo to keep the ups and disadvantages due to injuries. "The Asian Games helped to the national team to win the championship and arrived in the United States. Due to the rush to restore & # 39; begin training, regardless of summer fatigue, a few days I was injured in training. I managed to do it well, and the result fell & # 39; unfortunately in pretemporanja. it was hard to wait recovery, and the regular season again & # 39; had for a minute and then was deported to the League for -Iżvilupp. "

In addition to injuries, as "level" best alliance for development is also a major challenge to Zhou Qi. This season, Zhou Qi had 7 times in the D-League, b & # 39; average & # 39; 27.9 minutes per game, and earned 11.9 points, 9.4 rebounds and 2.1 blocks. The average winning is more obvious than last season (6.3), but with & # 39; The way this data is also difficult to get & # 39; returned to the NBA.

Zhou Qi coach revealed that the Viper team had urged him and hoped he was playing in the tournament under the tactical development of rockets system. "After that conversation, was determined to nlaqqa & # 39; heart and continued nlaħħaq and ntejjeb through & # 39; frequent competitions & # 39; high intensity. By & # 39; the exercise last year , I checked the significance of the game here. "

Although the road is difficult, Zhou Qi adjust its mindset. He wrote on Weibo: "Injury, decentralization, foreign countries … all accept, because they are basketball!"

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