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Wenger OUT! Master Emery, the replacement of & # 39; God for shipowners, unbeaten 19 _ Ramsey


Original title: Wenger OUT! Master Emery, replacement & # 39; God for Gunners, hassle f & # 39; 19 game

Arsenal in the second half can not jaffordjah. It has become a normal situation for the Gunners in & # 39; this season. When performance in the first half is not good, the manager usually makes adjustment Emery & # 39; replacement at the last minute, exactly Emery. Every time the adjustments made to Arsenal return to life in the second half. Against derby & # 39; Tottenham, the replacement & # 39; Emer were awesome & # 39 ;, and Lakazette and Ramsey was issued by the bank in the second half and became the key to the final victory of the Gunners.

F & # 39; this game, Arsenal discharged the same line of the beginning of the last run of the tournament. Although Lakazette again & # 39; issued from the injury, he did not initiate but was staying on the bench, Arsenal also gave him a chance to play backhand. At the end of & # 39; half, Arsenal has failed. F & # 39; such a crucial game, Emery must immediately find a way to reverse & # 39; back situation. After the break, emergency merely changed two people, Lakazette and Ramsey. At the same time, the bank has emerged.

Having lost, bidilt two people. According to other coaches, it is not necessary to adopt such a radical strategy. At the time, Arsenal was just one shot back, and Arsenal in & # 39; Wenger was extremely rare, but Emery had it. The courage, and his adjustments also in & # 39; untimely and very effective, replaced by the first half of the performance of the average & # 39; Ivobi and Mkhitary, Lakazette and Ramsey emerged from the bank, and made Arsenal & # 39; s immediately at the offensive end, there was a noticeable change. B & # 39; in particular, when Obamyan appeared in & # 39; Lakazette, was more comfortable in the frontcourt, and the role of & # 39; Ramsey in the series on the offensive side was reflected by & # 39; fullest.

In the second half, the goal of & # 39; Arsenal jiggwalizza the score was precisely Ramsey responded to a straight plug & # 39; Beller and quickly insert it at the forefront of the penalty area. At the top, the ball was shot and the whole purpose was completed in & # 39; single blow. Ramsey had the role of tandem & # 39; attack, without else & # 39; water, but he was able to send a fatal step.

The purpose of & # 39; Arsenal beyond the score was the best work done two players on the bench. Over time, Ramsey broke the ball on the left side of the frontcourt and immediately expanded to Lakaze at the top of the restricted zone. Special, Lakazet gained possession in the horizontal direction and then shot low, and Ramsey, who came from the bench in the second half, made two aids. After this campaign, Ramsey reached number & # 39; & # 39 assistance in; this season. 6 times, temporarily ranked first in the list of Assistance Premier League.

Both of aids & # 39; Ramsey fully demonstrate the speed, conciseness and efficiency Arsenal on the offensive end. Arsenal has amazing items such Obamyan and Lakazette in the frontcourt. Having the opportunity & # 39 ;, the ball was quickly given to these two attacks, and ended up getting the last & # 39; Arsenal. The tactical cooperation Emery wanted to show. Arsenal scored 24 goals in the second half of the Premier League this season, which is more than any other team in the Premier League.

Having won the game, the events & # 39; Arsenal were unexpectedly for 19 consecutive matches. The last time Arsenal was named to 19 consecutive games, he returned in November 2016. Of & # 39; It is worth mentioning that the last time Arsenal were in the Premier League. The half-game of & # 39; North London derby after the final victory, also dates back to September 2007.

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