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Wizards are worse! Warcraft will undergo surgery is expected to be absent for 8 weeks – Netease Sports –


2018-12-01 00:50:30 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on 1 & # 39; December:

According to the famous journalist Shams Charania, the Wizards center Dwight Howard will undergo back surgery, and the period & # 39; recovery is expected to be within 8 weeks.

According to reports, Howard will operate in the position L4 / L5 of the spine, and Chris Hayes of & # 39; Yahoo showed the source said Howard would go gluten surgery, the time & # 39 ; Estimated recovery is & # 39; 2-3 months, but If everything goes well, Howard can & # 39; before returning.

This summer, Howard negotiated first by the Nets and Hornets both sides agreed to purchase. Howard joined the Wizards after being hired by Wall and signed contract & # 39; 5.3 million mini-middle class. Howard, who has changed to & # 39; jersey No. 21, missed the first seven & # 39; regular seasons because of a back injury at the start of the game. Then select again & # 39; back, had nine games, and had three double-doubles, b & # 39; average & # 39; 12.8 points per game in & # 39; 25.6 minutes. Review 9.2 wins. However, in the game against the Blazers 18 & # 39; in November, again & # 39; opened because of a back injury. He had only seven and a half minutes, and then failed again 5 games & # 39; other.

Because of repeated back injury, Howard went in & # 39; Los Angeles several times to seek expert diagnosis of piriformis, but ultimately had to choose surgery. As early as the Rockets, he stopped due to a back injury, and the basket survived the attack. Loses its dominance, failed again & # 39; Back to the top since then, and is also caused by a back injury.

It is also a big blow for the Wizards: only 8 wins and 13 losses, are declining, once exposed to the intention to sell the team, and now Howard will hurt for a long time, the current Wizards in position central is a basic salary of & # 39; Thomas – Bryant, perhaps this injury and surgery will force the Wizards to make some steps forward.

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