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World Championship Short Short: 0.03 seconds! Man & # 39; Xu Jiayu not good for silver collection & # 39; Murphy –



World Championship Short Short: 0.03 seconds! Xu Jiayu, a man who lost his money, and lost Murphy grabbed the silver.

Service News of China, Hangzhou, 12 & # 39; December (not yuanhao) In men's 100m final backstroke 2018 Hangzhou Short Pool World Championships held on the twelfth night, star Chinese backstroke and men's 100m backstroke world short-track pool Xu Jiayu was weak record to 0.03 seconds. The Lost divide the star & # 39; structure & # 39; American star Murphy, sorry to pick silver.

This year, the project & # 39; of & # 39 backstroke; 100 meters & # 39; the men's World Championship Short & # 39; Hangzhou will be grouped with & # 39; winner of the popular Xu Jiayu and Murphy, champion & # 39; the Olympic & # 39; London, stars American Graves, Lajin Australian backstroke, Russian teenager Kolesnik Fu and others also participated in the competition.

In the semi-final evening of 11, Xu Jiayu came to end with & # 39; 49 and 21 seconds total score Murphy just relaxed and advanced 52 to 49 seconds.

At the end of 12, Xu Jiayu and Murphy were divided into & # 39; adjacent channels, both were in the first 25 meters, but after 50 meters, Murphy and Brazil Quito were among the first two b & # 39 ; some slight advantage. In the last 25 meters, Xu Jiayu ħabtha to cope with & # 39; Murphy, but it & # 39; the last still win the gold medal & # 39; small size & # 39; 0.03 seconds thanks advantage on the side.

After the game, Xu Jiayu left in the mixed mining area. Immediately after the relationship of women 4x50m medley relay was being interviewed, Fu Yuanhui immediately shouted "Kingfish, you're the best" and urged Xu Jiayu try. The media also shouted: "The turtle, let on! You're the best! The world record is yours!"

After some silence, the child & # 39; Zhejiang failed to disguise the lack of & # 39; willingness & # 39; inside his red eyes. "Today, tried my best to fight. Before the record, the manager and I spoke about the technology. F & # 39; at that time, I wanted to cry." Xu Jiayu said, he discovered his head in a towel and removed the tears.

After a small adjustment, Xu Jiayu again & # 39; started the game to reporters, and confirmed that it is the enormous pressure exerted by local operations to defeat himself today. "Too nervous, and must behave, this time not yet come to the end. The last five meters appeared to be swimming … My goal is to go to Changchi and let regret for Olympics & # 39; Tokyo. " After two trips to the media, Xu Jiayu Slowly let young mixed mining area.

After the prize-giving ceremony, Xu Jiayu, which appeared in the conference & # 39; after the game, showed the "Kipper-style humor" of the past. "I say:" I will nħallat immediately or later. "I won the World Cup in & # 39; Budapest the last year b & # 39; small size & # 39; 0.04 seconds. Now it lasted me f & # 39; 0.03 seconds. The victory and excuse are between the two.. "

"The Olympics & # 39; Tokyo should do their utmost to prepare fully. Of course, the game after the World Championships & # 39; short is better than that, and there is still a chance compete for the championship. " Xu Jiayu said. (End)

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