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World Cup Women's Volleyball two rounds & # 39; total technical statistics! Zhu Ting scored first, Boss smashed the first women's volleyball earthen – Hanfeng Net


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Original title: The first two rounds of technical statistics & # 39; the cup of volleyball women world! Zhu Ting scored first, smashed the first Boss

The Cup Women World is today's season, so today will address the technical statistics of all participants in the two previous rounds.

1. The classification of points:

Zhu Ting scored 39 points in & # 39; two games, the main attacker of women volleyball of Brazil Brazil Gabi scored 36 points and second place, the volleyball team women Isaac bash was front b & # 39; Boscovic 35 points.

2. The rate of & # 39; success & # 39; smash:

Boscovic 65.22% ranked first, with Fabiana deputy women's beach volleyball Brazilian ranked in second place as 57.58%, ranked third Zhu Ting 55.74%

3. Block the average score of the Bureau:

The volleyball women's Brazilian beach second best Lloyd classified first b & # 39; average point & # 39; point 1. assistant attacker of Lecane Lazarenko was also ranked second b & # 39; & # 39 point; point 1. volleyball team women's beach Brazilian scored 0.83 points and third place. Zhu Ting has resulted in the fourth & # 39; b & # 39; 0.83 points.

4. The scores are classified to serve

Step two women Isaac Bash Arikaya Bureau scored 1 point in the first place, the main striker volleyball women in Brazil Fei Jialei Bureau served 0.83 points ranked second place, Isaac Bash Handerson main attack & # 39; third place serves the b & # 39; 0 0.67 points.

5. One passes in the classification of post rate

Bank Wakif main striker Robinson 47.83% first, Isaac Bash free man AKZ 44.44% in the second.

The top five technical rankings, the main players are a few giants, it is also very consistent with the performance of the game, of course, now the World Cup has just carried out two rounds, there are still round & # 39 ; The semifinals and final are lagging behind, so the persważività not b & # 39; robust, but how to compete back, the focus of the game is only competition of the four & # 39; major giants, it limits basic, domestic fans can only hope is stuck on Zhu Ting, I hope she can & # 39; take the expectations of the fans and win the game after all.Go back and see Sohu

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