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Zhu Ting added in the year & # 39; Huaxin: will return to the country to play the World Cup, was afraid to be eliminated – CCTV –


2018-11-29 11:26:04 Source: CCTV

In the Chinese concept, year of birth is an important age.

Zongzeng song once wrote in the note "The Variously Dongyu Record": "From early spring to early summer, Jiangnan has 24 letters wind. Plum blossoms are the first and flowers are the last. " Since then, people used to Twenty years is compared with & # 39; "Year of the Flowers Labels", which means aging and beautiful life.

Zhu Ting has twenty years is encouraged by everyone. Although it did not age & # 39; Li Bai, "sword went to the country and resigned," but it was actually on the stage away from home to build its own ideal country.

Compared with excellent transcripts will be awarded each year, Zhu Ting is more admired and respected. It's the reason behind it was imegħluba of its destiny, the courage & # 39; who he is, tenacity to never stop, and initial core under branding. .

From the age of & # 39; 19 years, which led to the volleyball team of Chinese women to win the first place of the World Championships, the young Zhu Ting carries hopes high infinitely and practicing his passion for volleyball step.

In the eyes of professionals, Zhu Ting has talent & # 39; very high volleyball, psychological quality cool and calm, and the key to the ability to understand the crucial ability, these qualities make almost all conditions to become a major star.

So people naturally believe that unless there is competition she did so, the results will not be bad. Facts have shown that Zhu Ting has not stuck to & # 39; this expectation, the champion of the World Cup, the Olympic champion, the Cup Cup Champion … Young Zhu Ting used less than one Olympic cycle to acquire one of them.

In the last year, Zhu Ting added four & # 39; titles to European wars in the book of his personal honors. Among them, the Turkish Super League championship not only realized the core of the heart league championship dream & # 39; Zhu Ting, but also made a whole series of & # 39; experience to stay in the ocean. Talking about the original intention of choosing to fight in the Turkish Super League & # 39; then, it accepted that it was promoting herself.

The Bank of Wakif team in which Zhu Ting is a team & # 39; women's volleyball known in Europe. Every year, there are events & # 39; high density, and is more likely to be on the stage of the Super Bowl, the Champions League and the World Cup.

Zhu Ting said that only competition, the psychological reaction in the crucial moment can & # 39; exercising. Those games & # 39; 'big heart' style, like the semi-finals of the Champions League with & # 39; direction & # 39; powerful enemies, are just a matter of & # 39; course. The desire to experience is the main reason why she choose to fight abroad, not the praise, the carnival and the money that people think of them.

For his own career in Europe, Zhu Ting has a calm understanding beyond age. "For me, on the one hand, gone. Others know me better, but I know everyone better. Maybe it's pros and cons".

Before the confrontation with & # 39; & # 39 players; level, the response & # 39; Zhu Ting has b & # 39; his health training, basic skills strengths and weaknesses. She said she needs to become more comprehensive in & # 39; of & # 39; technology terms, and then only you & # 39; benefit from dialogue with & # 39; his health.

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