Saturday , February 4 2023

Everything wrong? Demi Lovato stopped after Nick Jonas and Selena Gómez on Instagram | News


After leaving the rehabilitation clinic, Demi Lovato He took a decision that surprised more than one fan: The singer m & # 39; longer follow Nick Jonas and Selena Gómez on Instagram.

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Selena and Demi They were friends from the age of & # 39; 7 years and, without explanation, the girls had stopped relationship and left more and more.

Does & # 39; Nick, the story is similar. Demi and the Jonas Brothers ex notified each other since they were very young. In fact, the singer was the brothers & # 39; Nick when she went with her brother, Joe Jonas

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But that is not all: Demi and Nick crossed the stage on tour, which led to the assumption that boys had a great friendship.

Apparently, part of the recovery & # 39; Demi involves moving away from people who were once part of his career. Or is it that the singer did not feel the company of her friends in & # 39; one of the most difficult moments of her life?

We'll have to wait to Demi tell us the real reasons for his departure …

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