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Carla Giraldo - Viña Machado - Liss Pereira

Carla Giraldo, Viña Machado and Liss Pereira, participants of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia.

Carla Giraldo, Viña Machado and Liss Pereira, participants of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia.

Liss Pereira and Viña Machado were a trend. What was the reason?

‘MasterChef Celebrity’, the program that forced several Colombian celebrities to compete in the kitchen entered its final stretch and, like every weekend, filled viewers with excitement with a new episode.

On this occasion, the participants traveled to Paipa, Boyacá, and from that place found a challenge in which they had to form pairs. Each pair had a different time that put them at an advantage or disadvantage, leaving more than one on the edge of nerves.

There was a turn of events: this time the guest meals were the ones judging the dishes and not the chefs.

On the other hand, the comedian Liss Pereira and model and actress Machado vineyard They were a trend because they could not hide their disagreement with each other, despite the fact that they had to work together.

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Internet users soon took to social media to express their reactions to the last chapter and comment on each contestant’s attitude.

Here are some of the memes that caught the Internet:

Remember that the end of this reality show is approaching, as there are only five celebrities left in the competition.

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