Wednesday , March 22 2023

Rain in Bogotá leaves taxis trapped in the flood


The center of Bogotá, according to users of social networks, was where showers stronger than emergencies caused by floods.

According to the report of a taxi driver, in the afternoon one of his fellow drivers “had to come out of the window” of the vehicle, as the water was covering him.

This situation occurred on the sixth street with the eighth race, in the sector of San Bernardo (the center of the east of the city). There appear to be two taxis shut down in the middle of the trip when they were caught in the water.

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Firefighters from Bogotá had to arrive on the scene to help drivers and rescue both vehicles.

Meanwhile, a citizen reported that in the city of Santa Fe, the center of the capital, several people were “caught in the middle of the flood” in the neighborhood of El Dorado by the flood.

For its part, the Idiger reported rainfall in “most of the city”, although the heaviest occurred in the cities of Suba, Engativá, Barrios Unidos, Teusaquillo, Los Mártires, La Candelaria, Santa Fe, Rafael Uribe, Antonio Nariño, San Cristóbal, Teusaquillo, Puente Aranda or Kennedy.

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