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The top 5 cryptography to invest


Photo Photo: QuoteInspector

Photo Photo: QuoteInspector

The trade kriptoċinanza represents one from the most popular business trends of the decade. The process started very slowly until the price of & # 39; & # 39 in Bitcoin, suddenly increased by & # 39; 2,000% over the past year to reach as $ 20 thousand any currency

This inspired a true flood & # 39; responses, so now everyone wants to find the next big thing and invest before prices viewership. However, with thousands From digital currencies available online, it is extremely difficult to see the most promising option and invest it without fear & # 39; losing your money.

It takes careful planning and analysis to select the best chance & # 39; investment, so we give you a hand here. F & # 39; this publication, cryptography will show the five most promising to invest. Let's look!

trade Cryptocurrency: where to invest

Before we start talking about the richest digital currencies, we remind you again & # 39; other because it is good to invest in & # 39; this business. There are four & # 39; main reasons to do this:

  • Simplicity: The kriptokonġenzi are easy to timmaniġġjaw and m & # 39; have needed years & # 39; education to discover the basic concepts of industry, since all the information is available online.
  • Not only trend: According to of short-term paper writers creating numerous studies kriptokonità, digital money used to appear clearly a & # 39; blow at the beginning: "However, it quickly proved highly profitable business, so do not have to worry about the failure of the kriptokonġenzi market."
  • improved regulations: The market used to combat shortcomings and uncertainties, but now the rules are much more precise and allow a safe investment.
  • ROI: The last reason for investing in & # 39; digital currencies is probably the most important. Namely, Bitcoin showed how the kriptokonġità business can & # 39; make a profit, and m & # 39; there is no reason not to expect similar cases in the near future.

Now you have seen the introduction, it's time to switch to the main part of our publication. Want to know the most promising cryptography available today, so here they are:


If you want to play with & # 39; safely and stay & # 39; in known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the perfect solution for you. After Bitcoin frenzy of 2017, it seemed that this cryptocurrency gone under the radar, but this is definitely not the case here. In fact, Bitcoin recently got the highest mark of all time & # 39; $ 4000 in Bitcoin exchanges, where market can & # 39; this kriptoċurrency exchange for US dollars.

In addition, Bitcoin has already established itself as the leading digital currency worldwide. This means that Bitcoin will not go anywhere at any time, so you can & # 39; invest in it without fear & # 39; to lose your personal savings.


Ethereum is also a popular choice among investors kriptokurrency. Is basically an enhanced version & # 39; Bitcoin that allows users to swap and complete transactions in & # 39; seconds (f & # 39; If you do not know, the Bitcoin transactions usually take several minutes).

Many serious stakeholders supported Ethereum instantly, including Samsung, Toyota and Deloitte. F & # 39; such circumstances, Ethereum quickly became the second most solution & # 39; sought investment. The cryptocurrency is expected to grow further, so we recommend to prove it.


LITECO attract investors because it requires less computing power than Bitcoin and reduce the minimum fee for the transaction. The idea behind this is to develop cryptocurrency lighter version of the most popular digital currency, and therefore continues to grow LITECO b & # 39; stable way for several years.

He had a strong start in 2013, reaching $ 1 billion & # 39; value & # 39; market capitalization, decreased in the following years and again & # 39; back to a historic high again & # 39 others, this year. LITECO cryptography is now one of the most important and certainly will not lose money when investing in & # 39; this project.


XRP is not a novelty in the universe of kriptokonċenzja (launched in 2012), but now is definitely trying to put his foot in the door with the book & # 39; consent that requires no effort -minjieri. What makes it so special is the fact XRP allowing faster and easier cross-border transactions, which is mainly the reason why traditional banks are interested in & # 39; this technology. This kriptokurrency shows the greatest potential & # 39; a balance between financial institutions in the real world and digital processes, so we expect to grow by & # 39; significantly in the coming years.


NEO is the smallest cryptocurrency on our list and the only one with Chinese origin. This digital currency is very practical because it supports many languages ​​& # 39; programming, while also receiving a fair share & # 39; support from Chinese authorities.

This is why the currency has experienced a large increase over the last 18 months, reaching a market value & # 39; $ 187 in 2018. B & # 39; & # 39 capability; 10,000 transactions per second and an unprecedented stability, NEO expect to become more influential in the world. a & # 39; investments in kriptokurrency.


The kriptoċidji are popular business trend because they allow investors to earn much in & # 39; & # 39 short-term, time. However, it is not easy to decipher the kriptokarġina the market and find the next big thing.

Thousands of & # 39; digital currencies have emerged in recent years, so you should think carefully about any solution. F & # 39; this publication, we nippreżentawlek five kriptokontazzjonijiet that & # 39; likely to overcome in the future. Keep an eye on these coins and do not hesitate to make your move if you notice a good opportunity. Maybe it will make you rich one day!

Disclaimer & # 39; responsibility: This press release is for informational purposes only, the information does not constitute advice & # 39; investment or offer to invest. The opinions expressed in & # 39; this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of & # 39; CRYPTO-tidal, And m & # 39; is to be attributed to him, CRYPTO-tidal.

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