Thursday , May 19 2022

Warcraft taken for cell phones in the style of & # 39; Pokemon GO | PLAN B | The Industry


Fanati of & # 39; focus & # 39; Warcraft! The popular video game created by fighting Blizzard Entertainment It is very close to reaching mobile phones, in the same style & # 39; Pokemon GO.

According to the website & # 39; Kotaku, after submitting to Immortal Diablo, Blizzard will be preparing to launch a project inspired by the success of augmented reality of & # 39; NIANTIC.

In Blizzard think that the spread & # 39; & # 39 can of Warcraft; gain great income, but moreover, the principal designer, Cory Stockon, and several members of his team, are big followers of & # 39; Pokemon.

"The developers said that there are quite a few people at Blizzard who play Pokemon GO (…) The natural extension of & # 39; it was one of the teams & # 39; Blizzard development began developing Warcraft version & # 39; GO Pokemon, now developing for smartphones ", says Kotaku.

According to Kotaku, the project is at an advanced stage and is already being tested by company members.

Will succeed? Previously, the Warcraft universe reached a cinema and even literary novels. However, the recent release of & # 39; Diablo Immortal has not been widely accepted by the gamer community.

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