Tuesday , March 28 2023

111 million people saw it. Squid Game has become the most popular Netflix series


The South Korean Squid Game has officially become the most popular Netflix video library series. The nine-part thriller, in which debt-ridden people fight for their lives in children’s games with a vision of the fairytale’s wealth, was released a month ago. More than 111 million people have seen it since then.

According to the dystopian drama, a number of memes have already been created on social networks, as well as Halloween disguises inspired by the green tracksuits worn by the participants in the series.

The Korean sweetness called dalgona, which the contestant has to get out of the pattern, has also gained popularity. Yong-hui, a 37-year-old confectioner who has been making dalgons for the past eight years in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, said he hadn’t been home for a week since the series began. first time because customers were picking up in front of the store and there was a constant flow of orders. Before the series, he sold about 200 dalgon a day, now it’s 500 a day.

The series has continued to increase interest in Korea. Manufacturers of the Duolingo language learning platform said the number of users learning Korean has increased by 76 per cent in the UK, compared to 40 per cent in the US . The numbers come from a time when the series was only visible for two weeks.

Now the Squid Game has hit another target with 111 million views on Netflix. “That’s the most of all our series,” the platform confirmed on Wednesday. The series was prepared on September 17, breaking the record in 27 days. It’s surpassed Netflix’s biggest hit to date, the Bridgerton series. It recorded 82 million views in the first 28 days of publication.

Netflix rarely provides viewer data, but in both cases, it states that one view only applies to those users who play at least two minutes of a single episode.

The Squid Game is a vicious, bloody entertaining thriller and a critique of late capitalism, compiled by critic Tomáš Stejskal in a review on Aktuálně.cz. “The rapid slowdown, action, tension and sharp emotional turmoil support the attractive scenes in the middle of the mazes, which look as if MC Escher’s visual pranks have been transformed into a children’s show. with bright but pastel colors. even fair rules. And thanks to similar paradoxes, the series is catchy, “he wrote.

The Squid Game series is on Netflix with Czech subtitles. | Video: Netflix

Netflix head of content Ted Sarandos said at a technology conference in California last month that the company’s popularity caught the squid game. “We didn’t expect it to be such a worldwide success,” he admitted.

The series aroused so much interest that South Korean internet provider SK Broadband opened Netflix for it. He is claiming compensation for the increased costs associated with maintenance and the extraordinary flow of data in the weeks when users are streaming the Squid Game. At that time, 24 times the usual amount of data passed through the SK Broadband network. The South Korean court has already recognized that the company there should be entitled to compensation in an as yet unspecified amount. Netflix responded that it does not oppose negotiations with the provider.

The video library also had to deal with a complaint from South Korea, whose phone number was mentioned in the series, and after the premiere it was flooded with thousands of unsolicited phone calls and messages. Netflix and Siren Pictures have promised to remove the number from the shot.

She said the businesswoman is concerned and cannot change her number because her contacts with customers depend on her. When the production company offered her compensation in the amount of one million South Korean winners, which is about 18,000 crowns, she dismissed it as too small an amount.

Netflix previously announced that it is investing about $ 500 million in the production of new movies and series in South Korea this year, or nearly 11 billion crowns.

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