Friday , October 7 2022

Are you looking for a new hire? A virtual tour of & # 39; apartment save time and money


/ VIDEO / personal trips & # 39; apartments are the most time to find hiring. Startup Flatio, offering medium-term leases from one to 12 months, is thus replaced by & # 39; virtual reality. With cardboard eyes available for smart mobile virtual reality, people interested can watch dozens of & # 39; apartments within a few minutes, not just quarters & # 39; Individual living, but also entry into the house itself and around their new home.

The trip offered apartment is done by & # 39; virtual Flatio /

"As if we were in an apartment really, these are the most frequent feedback from tenants and owners & # 39; Our apartments to rent through & # 39; Flatio. The virtual reality is nothing new, but -Use its practical beyond the gaming industry was rather limited. Therefore, Flatio build on modern technologies to connect with the real estate market, and b & # 39; so moved into the real estate business for a higher level, "said the founder and director of & # 39; Rezek Radim flair.

"We create or search the market for technology solutions that will make our customers more comfortable with the option & # 39; apartment. We are not the creators of & # 39; virtual software touring reality, but we are probably the first among real estate companies offering similar tours and completely replace the personal tours ", he added.

However, the virtual reality tours are not the only thing that Flatio trying to break stereotypes & # 39; realtors. His service, in addition to the Czech Republic operates in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, builds on simplicity, maximum speed and convenience for both parties, both for owner and the tenant.

M & # 39; no need to make deposit & # 39; Flatium or sign a paper contract. Instead, offers signature of the contract by & # 39; SMS or the possibility to pay by card & # 39; paper or even online Bitcoin. Any changes in rental relationship or the injury report then becomes simply electronically via the service portal.

Demand for medium term rentals in Prague is growing

Prague is currently the only specialized supplier & # 39; housing & # 39; term. This type of & # 39; housing is becoming more and more interested. It is used, for example, a digital nomads, personnel moves abroad, or students. Those who are interested are also people rebuild their own homes and need temporary home during work & # 39; their construction.

For the first three quarters & # 39; this year, Flatio provided just over 2,500 a month rented Prague and CZK 50 million in & # 39; lukura. The last year, she got Flatio month in Prague 1359, an increase of & # 39; nearly a year & # 39; almost 100%.

However, the interest in Flatio also growing by the property owners. In the first nine & # 39; months, the company has grown with & # 39; 60 percent. They are mostly former owners who rely mainly on short-term leases, and now combine their lease or short term rental.

"The housing & # 39; term in Prague is mainly a success thanks to the sober owners platforms that provide short-term accommodation. What I know from our co-new owners, many of them lease term short, demand management & # 39; apartments, the routine & # 39; depreciation daily tenants, transfer and cleaning of the flat.

Another factor that drives the owner & # 39; & # 39 apartment; Short term accommodation provides & # 39; Airbnb service is the added interest of financial management. Now, more than ever, attention is paid to the accuracy of the taxes and fees paid, which means greater administrative burdens. For medium term rentals, this not concern & # 39; longer relevant. Since it is hiring & # 39; real estate for the purpose of & # 39; accommodation, only fifteen percent of the rental income is taxed.

Owners also abandon the short term due to higher rental and financial investments in times & # 39; & # 39 repairs, property going, to m & # 39; longer the case for longer leases. "The influx of & # 39; these owners to rent in the short term helps boost the number of & # 39; hired months, offering a wider & # 39; enjoy both home and corporations as well as multinational corporations", said Rezek .

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