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Gloss: Vesna għammet plate in the tabernacle classic in style


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It was a bit folklore, mystics, fervent and dignified. And just like Vesna could not choose what they wanted to.

Patricia Fux and its purely female group can not be ambitious. It's a bit strange to see the same band in the summer in a small stage & # 39; out before the Cross Club Cross & # 39; Prague and a few months to go to the Municipal House where juggling orchestra and accompanied by dancers.

Can & # 39; said, therefore, that Vesna reached its potential. The songs, in fact quite pop, but more folk folklore, orchestra were heard. Listening & # 39; the duet of Love emerged from Kateřinice Vojtěch Dyk, who then made the plate of the Fifth Goddess. "Nirrappreżentalek spring, summer, autumn and winter Whatever that sells well all the time", he asked his debut CD.

The band was accompanied by cellist Terezie Kovalová, whose instrument helped one of the podium dancers, which is just one of the many funny details & # 39; the show. Also, the singer Věra Martinová was added and the evening concluded, Yellow Sisters kantjaw with & # 39; Vesna.

The problem & # 39; sympathetic and spectacular performance consisted & # 39; twofold. That Vesna went from moments & # 39; solemn dignity to time, and the audience, night & # 39; evening in the famous Smetana Hall, did not know how timmaniġġaha. And that, after such an opulent show, other concert & # 39; Vesna will act as a poor relative. However, the music remains & # 39; and will divertita even in & # 39; easier manner.

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