Wednesday , March 22 2023

I want you! TCL showed off probably the best smart glasses today


When a couple of days ago, the Chinese Xiaomi showed off its own Smart Glasses, fans futuristic clothing technology of course glad. Almost self-sufficiently decent design glasses with camera, microphone, speaker, smart features and most importantly display in slides. What could be more? The Chinese company TCL was able to answer this question very quickly. Its prototype “Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition” moved to a new level mainly the image part of smart glasses.

TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition

TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition

While Xiaomi glasses lenses can serve as a monochrome display, the new TCL offers use of similar MicroLED technologies. full color display. As seen in the video that TCL released on social networks, the three components of RGB are targeted at the slides. Smart glasses with such good capacity belongs at the forefront of development in this segment.

Even with TCL glasses, the possibility of navigation or a panel for controlling the elements of a smart home obviously should not be missing. The skill also seems effective and efficient zoom shooting through the side leg where the touch control is located.

TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition renders

The video does not reveal whether TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition should also be able to connect to the network with its own SIM, but it makes sense. In that case imur essentially an independent device, which does not need a mobile phone for its operation. The company has not yet stated if and when it is planning serial production. We don’t even know the approximate price.

How much would you be willing to pay for such glasses?

Source: GSMA

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