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Ladislav SPACEK: Most people lose the choice of clothing


Interview / Professor Original, later TV editor, speaker & # 39; the first president & # 39; Václav Havel middle chair, and a recognized expert and & # 39; often quoted on ethics and social label – Ladislav SPACEK.

Besides Prague, is more and more common to see in & # 39; Veľké Karlovice recently, thanks to the cooperation with the Spa Hotel Lanterna, which hosts various events throughout the year. Especially on the eve of & # 39; her degustazzjoni labeled & # 39; the food has become a tradition, as well as the fact that ever sold.

"I am very happy here, people are different from Prague – grateful, very helpful. It is always a surprise and for me a beautiful satisfaction, both watching the etiquette and other events," said Ladislav SPACEK f & # 39; interview held during his last visit in & # 39; mid-November.

Label & # 39; food and social behavior is still very issue & # 39; wealth. S & # 39; it is your current situation from your perspective?

I have to say much improved. But where people are still very busy is the area of ​​social clothing. Often give details and it is a pity. That is why, with colleague Nada Labanová, is now preparing a new program devoted to purely social clothing. Nintroduċuh will for the first time lamp 27 & # 39; December. Those who are unsure about this area and want to change it, I cordially like.

You & # 39; tell us something more about this novel?

The theme of social clothing is really great chapter in itself. It practically everyone interested in, because every adult sometimes go to an event where he thinks whether or not a link, and matches the dress b & # 39; proper way to choose the length of the dress … Another Style & # 39 and clothing needs trading company, another visit in & # 39; garden item or even theater. We touched on this topic b & # 39; comprehensive manner, discuss different types of & # 39; clothes for different occasions and focus on situations that may occur. Maybe when men were allowed to take their jacket in the company.

S & # 39; most people still feel now?

For example, men can tie only one knot, although the two nodes are different because of the different types of & # 39; collar. They also do not adhere to the principle of shoes, tape and straps of & # 39; watch should be compared with & # 39; the same color. Women often make a mistake when choosing the length of their dresses, as well as cut with exposed shoulders. Such suits are suitable for social evening, but in no event for the business environment.

Apart from the program & # 39; the new outfit, you go to Lanterne f & # 39; December & # 39; morning b & # 39; tag & # 39; children food. S & # 39; is different from the usual "adult"?

The often jistaqsukli people as going to the principles of social behavior in children. In my opinion, however, it is important for them to be confident in & # 39; this field and to be a model for children. That is why the "The Sack And The Queen" or the etiquette of meals Children up children and their parents. Part of it, is a lesson for parents and children to experience & # 39; & # 39 with a fairytale; wand to make everything bad, b & # 39; dinen dignified and Master E, showing b & # 39; a fun way and make it clear how. It is truly a wonderful experience. F & # 39; Veľké Karlovice, we plan 28 & # 39; December.

When other guests can get you in & # 39; Veľké Karlovice the next year?

Will we can get back for two filgħain b & # 39; & # 39 by taste; tag & # 39; food – 1 & # 39; May 14 & # 39; December. And I invite you to our next show traditional – Breakfast with & # 39; Nada Laban and her guests. This time will be held on 1 & # 39; May will be invited by the player in January Čenský.

We return to the Lanterna Hotel several times a year thanks to all these activities. You'll relax here too? Would you prefer to go to nature, or rather the renowned wellness?

I element of the city, to go to nature. I use the time here mainly to read, read, write, go to the pool … But what is essential for LANTER is its gastronomy. I am interested in wine and good food, and Lanterna is amazing and fills my needs.

Thanks for the interview.

You & # 39; read more about upcoming events with & # 39; Ladislav SPACEK, you can & # 39; also give as a Christmas gift.

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