Monday , June 27 2022

Ladislav Vzek took the podium. Wedding in & # 39; Dubai


Ladislav Vzek and his partner Simon (2012)

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Ha was a shame for me. Sparan, who was kicking all the time, is what? But yesterday, I've always here to take care of & # 39; me. It really camaraderie, novoman BLESK quotes.

OBAD was on the consulate, and according to the ambassador, was his wedding unique first for Eastern. M & # 39; have a look daughter & # 39; footballer of the first mistress Pavlna, followed Vladimir Micher.

Ladislav Vzek, nursing a girl & # 39; ninety years, Viktoria, have their hands two years ago.

It will be a joyful part, Simon inviting six of the hospital, football player, who knows if there are interesting contacts. And discover the dark. We do it this year, but because of the bustle. I think I'm going to do this kind of & # 39; fun in the New Year in 2016.

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