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The car Zastava 101 was better than fossil Jugoslvie. Grown 10 years ago


After 37 year & # 39; production and become deadly Serbian deals with Italian Fiat, which ensured dark obsolete in the southern city & # 39; Kragujevac. The last piece of & # 39; Zastava 101 left the line & # 39; production ten years ago, 21 & # 39; November, 2008.
Along with the wagon, the "Stojadin" crash or "KEC" finally completed and two models & # 39; flight, Koral and Florida. But it began to gather quite recently – the first one in 1981 and at the time of & # 39; elegant eastern Florida to go much later. He was there for a few miles, that in Europe, following type & # 39; world of the wolf, was killed for a long time. From today, Lada Niva (1977), and then small cars like Morgan 4/4 or Caterham Seven.
The first pieces of the 101 left the show at 15 & # 39; June 1971 (his preface, the Fiat 128, but first appeared two years) and during that time the bureau replaced only by & # 39; some minor modifications. The Serbian counterparts can go for 10 years at & # 39; weight about 100,000 crown to buy a car that has not changed since the arrest of the 70s – only the original round light was square, and the interior of the city was replaced with plastic bowl, replacing the chrome on the slopes and exterior mirrors.

Otherwise, those who like to – & # 39; stojadinu & # 39 new, were passed as in the machine as well: the msto vstikovn ml machine and by the end of tradin carburetor and bag & # 39; the air was not even in & # 39; wages. During production, the dubious quality even occurred. F & # 39; August & # 39; 1972, in the magazine Yugoslavjan Auto Revija, criticism comes from the owner – Ivica Kraovec from Zheb wrote that was blocking a brand new car brakes, the Duan from Blehrad to other again & # 39; & # 39 dropped; electrical installation.
Since 1971, it has been produced million "Stojadin", 250,000 Zastava 128, which actually is an original sedan & # 39; Fiat, were driven by car production & # 39; Kragujevac. In recent years, however, only about 2,000 cars were driven production, b & # 39; & # 39 total, only 20,000 car. After a year, became the attempt to drive a Fiat Punto, called Zastavu 10, but with the impetus pinesli and Italian to win the Fiat 500L in & # 39; Kragujevac.
Stop 101 (bearing the mark in 1100) is to meet mon & # 39; in the Czech Republic, f & # 39; mid-70s were sold by Mototechna. The car for 65,000 crown in & # 39; at that time, just like Lada 1300, the 120 was KODA & # 39; 7,000 cheaper. The quality of work was also appreciated by reviewers of & # 39; what then was the World Motorcycle and Motor Show. Some of them wrote in 1977 in spear: "If we point out the point where the winner to sell the car, then the first two places are the quality of the franchise and sound noise."

Czechoslovakia, between the years 1976 and 1980, only 10,000 were sold "stolen goods", submitted by Yugoslavia to shop swap. Register fewer than tricky, running for ten years, ie twice. And both of them really can not find rides. Both go on to the road, and there are so many websites and Facebooks in Zastav 101.
"Stojadin" is quite popular even in Yugoslavia, though not as car cult as its pedigree in the program & # 39; kragujevack car maker – "FIO", the Yugoslav version of Fiat 600, who was killed in -1955 and 1985. Znm band Hladno you beer, e "These new characters come from ps / are simply shattering without du / mj ten (Stojadin) is run by prz / from noznku to vfuku."
photo: John, Starie, G sludge, Stribrohorak

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