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The future & # 39; contactless payments? or iris scan can be used blockchain –


B Payment & # 39; & # 39 card, contactless payment, virtual card in your phone or your watch – this is the current non-cash payment for goods and services in the Czech Republic. In the future, however, a & # 39; payment methods without the use of & # 39; banknotes and coins can be added and can be very different. This is the study & # 39;, which deals with the creation of & # 39; projects online.

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According to the study, which was the gateway process, Czechs want to pay in the future, in addition to plastic cards and smartphones known, by & # 39; implanted chip. These trends have become so-called "free hand" payments, ie, those not & # 39; should be needed everywhere. Sensors in & # 39; a particular area, for example, in & # 39; record cash supermarket, themselves identify the necessary information about the payment and make & # 39; payment without active human involvement system .

Several methods based on biometrics are tested. Confirmation of the fingerprint & # 39; is now a reality in & # 39; very mobile banking applications. In the US, the scanning is confirmed by scanning the iris, which is one of the cognitive features unique & # 39; any person. The technology developers say that the whole process & # 39; eye scanning, to withdraw money from ATMs or pay at the cash desk lasts more than 10 seconds in practice. On the other hand, letting you keep an eye on every charge x & # 39; probably unpleasant.

Instead coin tokens

Another Australian Manufacturer & # 39; clothes & # 39; luxury & # 39; men, Matt Jensen, presented a pilot project for other non-traditional payment. B & # 39; cooperation with VISA, is offered the option to pay with sewn sleeve jacket & # 39; cooked coating. The payment can & # 39; done by hand in a restaurant or shop. Again another & # 39;, has no practical part – the chip should be placed in & # 39; bottom more or only one still wearing a jacket.

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Easier to make payments in blockchain. By & # 39; tokenisation, the assets are converted to symbol & # 39; blockchain, which, for example, it is easy to transfer, for example, a simple and convenient service charge for something or binding it. F & # 39; in this case, all intermediaries and payment intermediaries – such as paper companies – have died in & # 39; in this case.

It is clear that, as at present or in the future, there will be one way & # 39; payment for goods or services. Depending on which of the methods will be more enjoyable for customers who want more. It does not have to be technologically the most advanced one or more automated. Currently, the most convenient way to charge at stores found at & # 39; contactless payment at the terminal with smart watches or bracelets.

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