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Two young men, according to the prosecution, won the famous baseball bat and a machete. They threatened & # 39; extraordinary penalty –


The men of his acquaintance, according to the prosecution, warrbuh 20 & # 39; January evening after he was appointed in & # 39; under the pretext meeting to buy half a car. Instead, the attacker come with & # 39; another man. The cones, according to the file, hit the victim with & # 39; slowed baseball in his head.

The wounded screamed, trying to get in the car and leave, but the pair were denied him. In the meantime, the co-driver of the victim was left, still deafness is not proved nothing to report, or find it violent. Thus, according to the actor, he reported anything to the police.

Defendants Kuzel Adam (right) and Tomáš Pavlis at the regional court in & # 39; Ústí nad Labem.

Defendants Kuzel Adam (right) and Tomáš Pavlis at the regional court in & # 39; Ústí nad Labem.

PHOTO: Ondřej Hájek, CTK

Then bind the victim and accused of taking another man. The reason was that owed him money and had him parts to repair the car. "He looked at him in the van and told him he did well and said he was doing it," said Kuzel in preliminary proceedings.

Then had to jieħuh tells hospital or x & # 39; nowhere to take help. Instead, the accused, but the young man attacked and bound, hah to Battozeves in Žatecko, where attakkawh again.

They lived with theft

"We've been battling with & # 39; slowed baseball, everyone always had five to ten strikes," said Conus. Then he said Pavlis took a machete and asked the victim if he says anything. When he cries, yes, he jaqtgħuh. But Pavlis bringing down back in his testimony before the rack. MACEK was told he had cone. "He went to the machete, because he screamed, so he cut & # 39; to him," Pavlis said.

The victim suffered a number of & # 39; qatgħathom serious injuries. Both men rushed their body more in the forest, where they were buried with leaves. Then changed clothes and ħaslu van.

The cone is the latest act confirmed by the act. He said just what you said to Pavlis. "It was awesome & # 39; s health and the health of my partner", he said.

Both accused did not work well everywhere and left theft b & # 39; in particular. The cones have been prosecuted for crimes & # 39; property, but the prosecution was for purposes & # 39; violation.

The parents of the victim asking for any indemnity crown 800,000, 200,000 have already been received by the Ministry of Justice. Victim needs of Sister million crown. Negotiations will continue on Friday to hear witnesses.

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