Sunday , May 28 2023

"Felonies" freed the accused had possession of the drugs from the poem door


She decided
The North Cairo Criminal Court had in & # 39; Abbasya, led by Advisor Hassan Mohamed Al Yamani,
Bought trafficking driver & # 39; narcotic cannabis and the resistance of the authorities in the area & # 39; Bab al-Shaareya.

Investigations prosecution case No. 2018 3939 of the Crimes of & # 39; Bab al-Shaariyah, accused «Mohammed.aa»
Driver & # 39; 39 years, in & # 39; last September to achieve the purpose of trafficking & # 39; cannabis drugs other than authorized conditions

He said
The officer investigating the investigations, during the passage of the security force in the section Department saw the accused holding
cigarette burns and smelling the smell of burning grass essence and goes to check the most famous white weapon
«Knife» for carrying out his work and could & # 39; check and look for drugs found and the amount of & # 39; money.

And tried
From chemical lab report that the attacks of cannabis substances listed in Table I
Of & # 39; the on Narcotics Act.

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