Wednesday , March 22 2023

Helmy El-Ghawaby: Wadi El-Nile Hospital provided a solution to save patients from cardiac arrest from death


Helmy El-Ghawaby, a consultant cardiologist, unveiled the provision of new technology for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest, stressing that the new device, which contributes to the treatment of cardiac arrest, represents a solution. magic to save the patient.

Dr. Helmy El-Ghawaby said a cooperation protocol will be signed with the American Heart Association to provide and facilitate the presence of new technology and modern devices for the treatment of heart attacks, noting that a medical committee has been appointed. formed by Dr. Set the steps by which new equipment is provided at airports, hospitals, major football stadiums and hospitals.

He continued: The Nile Valley project on the new device that helps save cases of a sudden heart attack was a dream, and it became a reality, and is a magical solution that contributes to saving the lives of many people.

This took place during a symposium held by Wadi El-Nile Hospital on sudden cardiac arrest, in the presence of Dr Ashraf Hatem, former Minister of Health and Population, Sohair Abdel Hamid, a member of the House of Representatives. Deputies and head of the former Health Insurance Authority, and Dr. Awad Taj El-Din, Adviser to the President of the Republic.

Dr Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs and Prevention, said: The Egyptian medical team has shown its value in managing the Crown crisis, and the Egyptian state was the first to intervene quickly on professional grounds in crisis management.

He went on to say: Egypt impressed everyone in managing the Crown crisis, and this because of the early predictions of the crisis.

Taj El-Din added that there is great support from the President of the Republic and a very important interest, as he was following the daily storage of medicines and oxygen equipment, and the President also directed the creation of a storage strategy of medicines and oxygen cylinders.

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